Bloons Tower Defense 3

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The “bloons” are escaping! Stop them by setting up towers to shoot and pop them before they get away. Choose your track and buy different items and monkeys from the shop on the right. The prices of the items change depending on the difficulty set at the beginning. Upgrade your items or sell them back to buy new things throughout the game. 


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Bloons Tower Defense Tips & Tricks

Bloons spawn bloons. At the beginning, you’ll only see red balloons fly by. Those only take one hit to pop. As you advance, you’ll start to see different colored and faster balloons coming down the track. These balloons will take more than one hit to pop - and as you hit them, they’ll spawn more balloons! Hitting a blue balloon will spawn a red, a green balloon will spawn blue, yellow will spawn green and so on. It’s best to upgrade your line of defense when faced with these bigger balloons. Watch out for rainbow balloons! Those are the toughest to pop. 


Upgrade for cash. Each tower or monkey will have a few upgrades you can tack on as you play. Use upgrades to help boost your towers and increase their value. You’ll be able to sell them down the line to make more money and buy more powerful defenses. 


Spikes, Glue, & Pineapples. These items are best saved if you’re ever overwhelmed with balloons. These tools only last for one round, so once you’ve popped all the balloons, they’ll disappear. It’s a good idea to use these to take out any balloons your towers may have missed once the round has started.


Keep on track. What works best on one track may not work best on the others. Try planning different tower combos and setups as you take on the different playing fields. 


What You Learn From Playing Bloons Tower Defense 

The main theme in the game is buying and selling items to build an impenetrable defense. Players must manage their in-game funds and determine what purchases are most effective. This game also helps to improve players ability to plan and think strategically when setting up defense towers. 

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