2 Player Games

Square off against your friends in our collection of 2 player games. Whether you are hopping over each other in Reversi, scoring goals in Retro Ping Pong, or working together in Fireboy and Watergirl, it's sure to be a fun time.

About 2 Player Games

Want a game that is a little bit more interactive? Come and play our 2 Player Games, all wrapped up in one convenient location. All of these games are made to be played with, or against, your friends. We’ve got classics like the Fireboy and Watergirl series, along with some new games on the rise such as Black and White and Billiards.

Are 2 Player Games always competitive?

Two Player Games don’t necessarily mean two friends are going directly against each other! For example, our game Black and White requires the two players to work together in order to make it to a portal at the end of the map. Players must use teamwork and coordination in order to achieve their shared goal.

What is a fun game for 2 players?

Pretty much all of these games are fun to play with 2 people. The games that fans tend to gravitate the most toward are Fireboy and Watergirl and Checkers. Both of these games have been on our site for years, and likely aren’t going anywhere for a long, long time.

If you want a game where you work together with a friend, you should definitely check out Fireboy and Watergirl. Players must use their unique elemental powers to work together and escape the temple. The game requires timing and reactions in order to win.

On the other hand, Checkers is a logic game that friends can go head-to-head in. Players must jump over their opponent's pieces in order to destroy and conquer them. To learn more about Checkers, we have an entire blog dedicated to the rules of Checkers.

Are 2 Player Games hard to learn?

Not at all! Most of these games are designed for players to be able to pick up immediately. Our popular games like Four In a Row and Retro Ping Pong are usually no problem for players to learn. Just read the instructions and there won’t be any trouble.

Maybe the only relatively difficult game to learn is Backgammon. Backgammon has a fair amount of rules to it, and new players can get confused sometimes. Not to worry though, we have an entire beginner’s guide to Backgammon on our Coolmath Games blog. If you ever want to learn Backgammon in a clear and easy way, we highly recommend that you check it out.

Do I need to be with a friend to play all of these games?

There are several games that have the option to play in single-player mode. For example, in the game Four In A Row, players have the option to play against the computer rather than against another player. Many other games have this same feature, including Dots and Boxes and Backgammon.