Awesome Animal Games

Lions, tigers and bears, oh my! We've got a barnyard full of your favorite cute, fuzzy and furry friends. Whether you like cats, dogs, snakes, pigs, ducks, penguins or dragons, these games feature animals of every shape and size!

Eat the apples and reach the portal.
You're a very hungry worm. Eat the apple, and reach the portal. Sounds easy? You'll fail most of these puzzles the first time you try them!
Train your duck to win races and save the farm!
Train your duck to get faster so he can win races and save the farm! Plan your math to make purchases to help him succeed. Teach him how to swim and fly too.
Run through the cave!
Up for something different? Run through an endless cave, picking up powerups, dodging enemies, collecting artifacts, and finding treasure!
Gobble up the apples without eating your tail!
Slither around and gobble up all of the apples without crashing into your own tail. Can you pull off the impossible?
The Pig is on the loose! Can you catch him?
The pig is on the loose! Help prevent him from escaping by placing stone walls to block his path.
This Flash game is back! Grab your glider and fly!
FLASHBACK: Grab your glider, strap on your rockets, and learn to fly! Help this penguin figure out how to fly like other birds.
Help the penguin prepare his test dummy for takeoff!
After his crash landing, the penguin has decided to use a test dummy for his next experiment. Use sleighs, gliders and rockets to destroy the iceberg!
Build a flying contraption and reach the stars!
3...2...1...Blast off! Earn enough cash to build a rocket and fly into outer space.
Launch snowballs. Destroy icy structures. Get cash.
Upgrade your firepower! Earn cash by destroying snowmen and spend it to power up. You'll be launching rockets into space in no time!
Eat the leaves and escape!
This caterpillar may look friendly, but these puzzles are just mean! Can you worm your way to safety?
Perform awesome dolphin stunts and earn points.
You've got two minutes to perform as many awesome stunts as you can. Jump out of the water, do flips and make the perfect landing! Can you make it to Mars?
This monkey is hungry!
Sometimes when you want a banana, you've got to break a couple of coconuts.
Spend your $$$ wisely...
Collect coins and purchase upgrades to help your duck become world champion. Spend your money wisely to make your duck a champ!
Use new SuperSeeds to train your duck athlete.
Third game in the great Duck Life series! In this edition, a higher level of strategy is involved with the addition of purple SuperSeeds.
Train your duck to be a duck athlete!
The 4th great Duck Life game! Use money skills to feed your duck while training him to be the best duck athlete on the planet!
You can do one thing: click to make Beavus jump.
This game will mess with your head a bit! You can do one thing with Beavus and that's click to make him jump. Once you start playing, it's hard to stop!
Charge yourself up with electromagnetic power!
Take charge of the situation! Use electromagnetic powers to launch yourself up and over dangerous obstacles.
Help the raccoon wash his dirty laundry!
Where's my water? Bring water from above to help the raccoon wash his clothes. Draw paths and solve puzzles to funnel water into his bucket. 
Get Snail Bob safely to his Grandpa's birthday party!
A dangerous forest stands between Snail Bob and his Grandpa's birthday party! You'll have to figure out how to get him there safely!
Grab the flies and avoid the bees!
It's dinner time! Start slinging webs spider-style! Grab flies and wrap them for dinner. But stay away from those pesky bees!
The panda bros have been caught! Guide them home.
These three panda brothers have been captured by poachers! Help them escape and make it home safely.
How do you even steer this thing?
I have a feeling he's going to crash. A lot. What else would you expect from a bear driving a scooter?
Help the blowfish grow and drive the monsters out!
Peace in the aquarium has been shattered. Help the blowfish grow and drive the monsters out of their home.
Survive the deadly predators in the forest!
I understand the snakes and cats, but... why are there swinging chainsaws in the forest!? No time to figure it out, survive as long as you can!
Follow the three pandas to Brazil!
The three pandas are cooking up another adventure down in Brazil. Make sure they stay out of trouble!
Can you make it through the night?
The Three Pandas have escaped their captors, but are stranded at night on a jungle island! Stick together and use their abilities to survive.
Escape the strange fantasy land.
The three pandas have been sucked into a strange fantasy land! Help them escape from the evil wizard's house and save this fantasy world.
Be the hero that every mouse needs.
Oh no! Some of your rodent friends got their noses stuck in the traps again! Put on your fancy red cape, save your pals, and catapult your way to safety.
Jump across the river to catch the fish!
Feed your appetite with a healthy dose of fresh fish. Jump across the river to catch your dinner. But watch out for those pesky blocks!
Rescue your little piggy!
Oh no, the evil chef struck again! Chase him across three different worlds and rescue your pig pal.
Help the dogs escape the moon base.
Two dogs are stranded in a space station on the moon! Use teamwork to help them reach their rocket and escape the station.
Help Daddy Longlegs deliver the cake!
All five of Daddy Longleg's kids have their birthday today! Sling webs and climb around the house and deliver slices of birthday cake to them.
Team up and save your master!
Your master was kidnapped by evil ninjas! Use the special skills of Red Panda and Giant Panda to save him.
Swim to safety! And clean up the oceans too.
Race past huge sharks, dodge angry tentacles and recycle empty cans. Swim to safety in this great underwater adventure.
Help the mouse get the cheese!
The mouse is hungry, but the cat has the cheese! Help the mouse get the cheese in this bite-sized puzzle game!
Fling this crazy fish out of the water!
Help this crazy fish jump from the water to collect pearls. Aim carefully, jump off ramps, and fly around corners to get them all!
Outsmart your past selves and eat all of the carrots!
Watch out! You're being chased by your past! Run and jump to eat the carrots and dodge the shadow clones!
Remove obstacles to escape the canyon!
Help Amigo Coyote escape the dangerous canyon by removing obstacles so that he can float away without getting his balloons popped.
Amigo Coyote is now partying in New York!
Amigo Coyote is now partying in New York! Help him float away by removing obstacles so that his balloons don't get popped.
Fly up the cliffs and break into a mountain fortress.
Evil coyotes have kidnapped the kids from Sun Grande city! Help Amigo Coyote fly up the cliffs to the mountain fortress and rescue them!
Amigo Coyote has a hot date in Tibet!
Amigo Coyote has a hot date in Tibet! Help him climb the Himalayan mountains and reach the Tibetan plateau.
Help Amigo Coyote save the arctic!
Amigo is on another adventure...this time to the arctic and Peru! Keep him safe and help him reach the top!
Climb the cliffs of Peril!
Amigo Coyote is on his way to central Asia! Help him make his way to the top of the cliffs of Peril!
Slide ice blocks so the yeti can reach the finish.
Om nom nom! The yeti monster wants to eat all of the frozen treats! Slide ice blocks so that he can collect the food and reach the finish line.
Help the bugs escape the workshop.
Help these jumping bugs escape the workshop! Jump into the portal while avoiding dangerous traps.
Free the birds before they become dragon food!
Use your slingshot to line up matching birds and set them free before they are eaten by the dragon.
Help the fox find all the treasure!
Help the fox collect all of the treasure in the magic forest! Switch between night and day to find the right path.
Who let a monkey fly the plane?
There's a monkey in the cockpit! Help him collect balloons and stay in the air!
Grab your shades and collect the bananas!
Help this cool jumpy monkey collect his bananas! You can't make him stop jumping, so you'll have to jump your way to the exit.
You'll have to think outside the flocks!
You'll have to think outside the flocks on this one! You'll need to figure out something new on each of the 25 levels.
Wake up the elephant and knock him off.
Your goal is to wake up the elephant and knock him off. You'll use the other animals to do this and each animal has a different function.
A great sequel to the first Snoring Game!
A great sequel to the first Snoring Game and, now, you are in the wild, wild west! Use the animals to wake up the elephant and knock him off.
Arrr! More Snoring fun!
Arrr, Matey! Tis the third in the great Snoring game series! Use the other animals to wake up that elephant and knock him over!
Help the chipmunk family prepare for hibernation!
These chipmunks need to eat! Chew through blocks of wood to make crazy collisions and help the chipmunks find food for the winter.
Our slithery friend is still hungry for apples.
Chomp! Your appetite is endless, but the more you eat the more you grow. Why does eating apples have to be so hard!
Travel around Europe to help the hungry cat!
A great sequel to Cat Around the World. Travel around Europe to help the hungry cat get his favorite food!
Travel around the world and help a very hungry cat!
Travel around the world with a very hungry cat who needs you to help him get his hamburgers.
Help the hungry cat eat all his favorite foods.
Another great Cat Around the World game! Help the hungry cat eat all his favorite foods, by figuring out how to trigger springs and break ice.
This bear is hungry! Collect all the picnic baskets.
There's a hungry bear on the loose! Help him eat his way through the picnic and escape back to the forest.
Explore Africa and give the cat his favorite food.
Bring the cat his favorite African foods by crushing ice blocks, removing obstacles, and knocking out the other animals that want to take his food!
Get the fish into the water, but keep the crabs out!
A very cool puzzler: Get the fish into the water while keeping the crabs out of it.
Help the piggy push boxes through a maze!
Help the piggy push boxes through a maze to the target zone. Can you figure out each level before the clock runs out?
Help Bearboy collect all the honeycomb in each level and get to the exit.
Help Bearboy collect all the honeycombs in each level and get to the exit. Use your cursor to activate and destroy totems!
Adjust the maze so the cat can get his cookie.
A very cool maze puzzler. Adjust the maze so the cat can get his cookie. Beware of the mouse!
Build new homes for the animals!
These animals are looking for a place big enough to call home. Help piece the houses together and move them in!
Carry the bunnies to safety!
Grab the bunnies and bring them to safety! Dodge vultures, jump chasms, but don't leave any behind!
Each level is different in this cool cow puzzler.
Each level is different in this cool cow puzzler. Figure out what to do on each level to find the cow!
Wrap around the edges to escape the temple!
Fall through the floor and wrap around the edges of the temple. Use your camera-shifting skills to solve puzzles and escape!
Dive into the caves and find the lost treasures!
Scuba Bear needs help collecting all the treasures on his list! Dive into the caves to collect all the hidden treasures.
Do tricks and leap for the stars!
Do all-new tricks to gain stars and visit the restaurant at the end of the universe. Ready, set, flip!
Slide the snakes to escape the basket!
Help the green snake escape the basket! Slide the snakes to clear a path to the exit. Can you solve all the levels?
Bring peace back to the puddle!
No splashing allowed! Jump between lily pads and turtle backs. Collect pollen and bring the flowers back to life.
The fireflies are abuzz. Find and catch them all!
There are fireflies buzzing around everywhere! You'll need a sharp sense of direction to collect 100 and escape the forest!
Have the cow hit the milk bottle!
Your goal is to have the cow hit the milk bottle. You'll have to figure out the logic on FIFTY fun levels.
Find the keys to escape the house!
Can you learn to move like a fly? Buzz around a huge house and find special keys to unlock the doors. Watch out for lasers and spikes and make your escape!
Eat fruits to grow your worm.
Do the worm! Gobble down the fruits to grow your body longer. Jump over the molten lava and get as big as you can!
Slither through the maze. But don't trap yourself in!
Your snake is on the move! Find keys to unlock doors and hearts for extra lives, and gobble up everything in sight. 
Help the King rid his castle of sheep.
Remove objects and click on fans to help the King rid his castle of sheep.
Follow the clues to find your pets!
If the owl is above the donut, and the donut is to the right of the cat, then that means...follow the clues to find your pets!
Strap on your running shoes and reach the exit!
Strap on your running shoes! Jump over dangerous spikes and hungry bears to collect coins and reach the exit!
Launch 8 different nutty squirrels to hit all the nuts.
Use the woolly mammoth to launch 8 different nutty squirrels to hit all the nuts. You'll need to aim and figure out the best way to hit as many nuts as possible.
Escape from the shark-infested waters!
You're going to need a bigger boat! Reach the buoy to escape from the hungry sharks.
Cut the ropes to help the nutty squirrel.
Cut the ropes to help the nutty squirrel to gather all the nuts for the hungry baby squirrel. Really, you do NOT want that little critter to start crying.
Jump carefully to grab all the carrots.
This forest isn't as safe as it looks. Grab your dinner and hop your way to safety.
Help the rabbit collect all the lost carrots!
All the carrots have been scattered around the islands! Carefully collect them without getting knocked out of your basket.
Help reunite the pairs of creatures.
These creatures have been shipwrecked on an island in the middle of the ocean! Help each creature find the way to its mate.
Grow your worm and escape the dungeon.
All the pods are missing! Guide your worm through the dungeon and reach the exit.
Remove objects to help the nightflies!
The nightflies need your help reaching their night lights. Help remove objects that are in their way.
Your goal is to get the pig down onto the ground.
Your goal is to get the pig down to the ground. You'll have to figure out how to remove the green bails of hay to accomplish this.
Can you find two copies of every animal?
Can you find two copies of every animal? Play the classic game of concentration.
Match animals with their furry friends!
Find your favorite pet and pair it with its partner! There's a whole barnyard of animals to match in this game.
Launch snowballs to save the penguins!
The penguins are ready for battle! Blast your enemies into the freezing water to defend the South Pole.
Rescue the animals from the evil samurai!
An evil samurai kidnapped all your friends. Climb walls with your grappling hook and set them free!
Grab your feathers and learn to fly!
One day, every baby bird must learn to fly... and today is your day! Find your missing feathers and soar through the skies.
Its mealtime! Feed the hungry mouse.
Its mealtime! Put your architect's hat on and draw a path to serve the mouse its cheesy dinner.
Explore new planets and power up your blaster.
You're out of fuel and stranded in space! Grab your space suit and set out on a quacktacular space adventure.
Race through the dangerous jungle!
Grab the jungle's treasure! But the angry monkeys and poisonous plants aren't going to make it easy. Can you get the jewels and survive?
Lead your flock of sheep to the pasture.
Ever wanted to know what the life of a shepherd is like? It's 6 A.M: time to hop out of bed and lead your sheep down to the pasture.
Brave the steep cliffs to find your stylish pals!
Watch your step! You don't want to find out what's at the bottom of these mountains. Tread carefully across the cliffs to find your four-legged friends.
Race through danger to deliver the mail!
Race through danger to deliver the mail. Jump over spikes and gaps on your way. Nothing slows this mail-bunny down! 
Feed the multicolor dragon.
A dragon must eat in order to grow big and strong. Rotate the world to move the dragon and feed it a balanced breakfast.
The black cat is back!
Run, jump, and swim through the city. Can you find enough spare change to buy a refreshing can of soda?
Use your rope-swinging skills to rescue the bees!
You have a new mission: rescue the missing bees. Hop into action and use your rope-swinging skills to find them and bring them home.
Spell your way down the tower!
The word worm is trapped atop a tower of letters! Think fast and put your vocab to the test to help it reach the bottom.
A rescue mission in outer space!
You are Steve the cat. You are the last hope to rescue Captain Laika and the rest of her kitty crew. Find them all without taking more than 5 steps in a row.
Help the gorilla drive across to the next level.
Use gravity, make things disappear, change the shape of things and even use magic to help the gorilla drive across to the next level.
Help rescue the animals!
We got a LOT of requests for this game! The driving is easier than our "extreme" versions and you get to rescue animals. What could be better?
Buy blocks. Jump on blocks. Grab the cash!
It takes money to make money. Spend your coins on new platforms to reach the bag of silver!
Grab your bubble gun and get going!
Grab your bubble gun and get going! Hop on your bubbles to grab berries and dodge spikes.
Here is the amazing running and jumping robotic fox!
Here is the amazing running and jumping robotic fox! Dodge red spikes and use wind tunnels to hop to safety!
Flap your wings and fly!
Flap your wings and you'll be flying in no time. But when you get tired you'll fall out of the sky!
Dash and smash as fast as you can!
What do you get when you combine a rhino and a turtle? Horns, a shell and a seriously unstoppable creature!
Slither into the right position.
Gobble up shapes to grow your serpent. Can you line them all in the correct place?
Don't break your shell!
You can't fly yet, you haven't even fully hatched! Get back to the nest without breaking your shell.
Slide, rotate and reach the star!
Slide, rotate and reach the star! Can you get Cub across the grid in all 61 levels?
Solve puzzles with your cat companion!
Solve puzzles with your cat companion! It won't take orders, but it will chase after a ball of yarn.
Don't get turned into a chicken nugget!
You're free from your egg shell! Sneak past the chefs and escape before they turn you into a chicken nugget.
Make every move count!
It's time to eat! Hurry to the honey before you run out of energy. Can you find a sweet treat in 12 moves or less?
Flap to fly and dodge the obstacles.
Flying isn't as easy as it looks! Flap your wings to fly. Grab stars and dodge all of the airborne obstacles. 
Find your friends and get to the party!
The big day is here! Explore the city, sewers, and hotel to find your friends and get to the party.
Find a good meal for your pooch!
This dog loves to eat! Help Bobby get a full meal without jumping off the ledge.
Monkey swing, monkey do!
Swing through the jungle from tree to tree! Beat levels to unlock new monkey skins.
Use your animal instincts to save your friends!
Tap into the powers of Spider and Rabbit to save your friends! Crawl across the ceiling, then transform to make daring leaps.
The only way out is up!
Dive into the deep sea and swim back to the surface. Gobble up small fish to fill up your ink attack. Can you survive the underwater dangers?
Nine lives might not be enough!
They say a cat always lands on its feet. That should help you get through all these jumps!
Draw this little chicken's way forward!
Show this little chicken the way forward! Draw a path to guide it to the door safely.
Warp through mirrors to get back home!
Everything is connected! Warp through the mirrors to escape your dreams and return home safely.
Protect your Dino egg at all costs!
Take your little Dino egg on an epic quest. Dodge spikes, smash enemies, grab coins and defeat the evil dinosaur boss!
Stay warm and grab the feathers!
Bundle up and set out on a wintery adventure! Jump and slide past spikes and grab all the blue feathers.
Learn to move, again and again!
Learn how to move again! Find your lost buttons and slither your way to the ending position.
Hop in your shell and slide!
Who says turtles are supposed to be slow? Hop in your shell, pick up speed and slide!
Explore the secret network of pipes!
Learn the secret routes in the sewer! Scurry through pipes to grab all the coins you can find!
Stretch and slide to get the tasty fruits!
An apple a day keeps the vet away! Contort your body to dodge obstacles and slither to the tasty fruits.
Corral the chooks before nightfall!
The chooks are scattered around the farm! Use your all-powerful bark to round them up before nightfall.
Friends who party together, stick together!
It's the weekend, and your friends are coming over. Stick together and solve these puzzles of epic social proportions!
Don't stop moving until you reach the surface!
There is light at the end of the tunnel. Jump, jump, jump and never stop moving until you reach the surface!
Rescue your cat companions once again!
Captain Steve is back, now with a variable step count! Explore the space ship and save your cat companions, all before you run out of steps.
Turn evil monsters into yummy carrots!
These unlucky monsters will soon be rabbit food! Using your hare-raising powers, lure the evil beings into a very orange demise.
Bugongo is back and ready for winter!
Bugongo is back and ready for winter! Survive prehistoric dangers and protect your Dino-egg. Can you keep it safe until it's ready to hatch?
Help the bunny get their carrot!
All this bunny wants is to enjoy their carrot, how hard can that be? Help this little critter move through the maze to grab it!
Grab your ingredients and start mixing!
Grab your ingredients and start mixing! Match blocks to make the most effective potions. Make sure to use everything before time runs out.
Hop across every icy square!
Hop across the icy squares. If you get stuck on the edge, take a dip and swim to the other side! Can you get through these frozen puzzles?