Brick Breaking Games

Looking to destroy some blocks? Come play our Brick Breaking Playlist, where the name of the game is to destroy everything in your path. Come play an idle game like Idle Breakout, or check out a physics game like Gravity Soccer 3.

About Brick Breaking Games

Come beat up some bricks and have a great time with one of our most destructive playlists! From Coolmath Games staples to new up-and-comers, we've got tons of variety.

What are Brick Breaking games?

Brick Breaking games are classified as pretty much any game that requires players to destroy blocks. One of the all-time classic examples of this is the game Brick Breaker. The entire objective of the game is to break every single brick that is on the screen. To do this, players must bounce a ball off of their platform and destroy the bricks with said ball.

Earn power-ups such as extra balls and wider platformers as you continue to destroy those dastardly bricks!

What is the best Brick Breaking game?

It is tough to say what the absolute best Brick Breaking game is. However, as far as popularity goes, Idle Breakout is the one that fans keep on coming back to again and again. In Idle Breakout, players must destroy blocks by strategically purchasing different balls to crush them.

This is an idle game, meaning that players can earn money for destroying blocks, and use this money to purchase more powerful balls to break the enemy bricks. If you haven’t given Idle Breakout a try, we highly recommend it! After playing, make sure to leave us a review so we can know what you thought.

Is there a lot of variety in this playlist?

There is tons of variety on the Brick Breaking games playlist! Whether it’s an idle game like Idle Breakout, a classic game like Retro Ping Pong, or a Match 3 game like Bricks Breaking, you can play almost any genre you want to on our playlist. Once you play all of the games here, make sure to check out a few of our related categories so you can find some other game collections that you might enjoy.