Critical Thinking Games

Prepare to push the boundaries of your mind with our Critical Thinking Games. Whether you want to outsmart your opponent in Chess or become a business mogul in Lemonade Stand, the possibilities are endless in this collection of games.

About Critical Thinking Games

Our Critical Thinking Games Playlist has some of the all-time most beloved games on our site. Not only do we have a collection of old-school games that everyone already knows and loves, but we also have a few new games for players to learn and enjoy. Before we hop into some of our favorite Critical Thinking Games though, let's take a look at what exactly makes a game a Critical Thinking Game. 

What are Critical Thinking Games?

Critical Thinking Games are games that force players to use their heads to figure out what the next move is. It is a challenging playlist that is kind of a crossover between strategy games and logic games. Oftentimes, the answer won't be right in front of players. Instead, they will have to think and use their brain in order to find the next step. 

A great example is There Is No Game. In this title, players must try out different strategies in order to progress in the game. By using subtle clues such as hints given by the narrator, players are able to find the next correct process and continue on with the game. 

What games increase critical thinking?

There are a few great games that we have that help players increase their critical thinking skills. One obvious example is Chess. In Chess, players must maneuver several different pieces around a square grid and put their opponent's king in Checkmate. Players must use tactics and tricks in order to gain an advantage over their enemy and win. To learn more about Chess, check out our Coolmath Games blog on how to play Chess, as well as another blog that has some tips & tricks on how to win Chess.

Another great game that increases critical thinking skills is Lemonade Stand. This business game forces players to find a balance between how many ingredients they should buy, such as sugar, lemons, and ice. Players must use their critical thinking skills to buy the correct amount of ingredients while accounting for variables such as the temperature in the air and whether or not it is raining.

To learn more about Lemonade Stand, as well as a few other business-related games, go and check out our Coolmath Games blog about some of our favorite optimization games.