Cute Games

Come play our collection of cute games here at Coolmath Games. From blocking a pig from escaping to playing as a cute dinosaur that throws eggs, this adorable playlist has tons of things to do.

About Cute Games

For those of you who don’t know, there are quite a few cute games here on our site. From small fluffy creatures like in IQ Ball to prehistoric pals in Stargrove Scramble, there is a wide array of adorable creatures.

What are cute games?

The concept of cute games is pretty simple – they are just games with cute characters in them. As mentioned before, there are cute dinosaurs, cute pigs, cute critters, it’s really just cute everything! This isn't to say that the only focus is for the animals to look cute. These games are also just tons of fun to play!

Are cute games still fun?

Don’t be fooled by the overall adorableness of the characters in this playlist, these are still fun and competitive games just like any other. There are still games for all kinds of fans, so you better prepare yourself for some fast-paced gameplay.

What is the best cute game?

It’s hard to say what the “best” cute game is. It really depends on what your favorite genre is. If you enjoy platformer games, then Stargrove Scramble is made for you. In Stargrove Scramble, players are making their way through the map, blowing up, and jumping over everything in their way. It's a classic platformer game, just with cute characters.

More of a puzzle games kind of person? Go and play Block The Pig, a game where players must place tiles strategically in order to prevent their pig from leaving the farm. 

Finally, if strategy games are more your thing, then Catch the Candy will almost definitely be your favorite game on the cute game's playlist. In this game, players must swing their way through the map using their grabber until they are able to retrieve the candy on the other side of the map. Find your way around boxes and over hills in order to make it to your sweet prize.