Deck Building Games

Use strategy and cunningness to defeat opponents using cards in our deck buildings games. Whether you want to take down some goblins in Deck Adventurers or destroy blocks in Heartscape, odds are that you'll have a great time.

About Deck Building Games

Assemble the best possible deck that you can and take down your opponents! You’ll need a little bit of luck and a whole lot of skill to win these games.

What are deck building games?

A deck building game is kind of a combination of a board game and a card game. In deck building games, players must collect cards and assemble a deck that is used to take down enemies. These decks usually have cards in them that have the ability to do damage to your enemy.

What is the most popular deck building game?

There are several deck building games that have become an important part of the gaming genre. A few that you may have heard of are Yu-Gi-Oh and Magic: The Gathering. The premise of both of these games is that players must collect cards and duel other players with the creatures and spells that they have acquired.

We here at Coolmath Games have a few popular deck building games in our own right. One of the most played collections is the Deck Adventurers series. In our 4-part series, players must defeat their enemies using their attacking and defending cards. Use these cards wisely, some will be more important than others.

What are some similar genres to deck building games?

There are tons of fun and interesting genres that are related to deck building games. For one, the tactics games playlist is great if you love trying to strategize against your opponent. Most of these games require players to outmaneuver the enemy in order to come out victorious.

Card games also fall under this category. As mentioned previously, deck building games are a kind of subgenre to card games. Instead of using the classic 52-card set, players are using cards that have offensive or defensive stats on them.