Game Jam Finalists

You’re a robot, and you’re trapped! Can you escape the UFO using your special color-changing abilities?
Use your mouse and keyboard to answer the prompts as quickly as you can!
The eraser is coming, and you have to escape! Run, jump, and sketch your way off the page!
You’re stuck in a mysterious cave. Power up with ancient relics, solve nefarious puzzles, and overcome treacherous obstacles to escape!
With the power of antiantimatter, destroy all antimatter so you can reach the escape pod!
This isn't your typical science lab! Keep the batteries charged to stop the toxic goo from escaping.
You've finished your Halloween costume, and you've got heads to spare! Toss your heads to solve puzzles and earn cash for the ultimate Halloween party.
You've got a drill for a head! Bore down into the ground, avoid rocks and see how deep you can go. Can you make it to the center of the earth?
Make your way through the spirit world with an army of spirits at your disposal.
Big Brain Bimmy's got a big old head and the ability to launch himself into the air. Use your noggin to make it safely through each level.