Geography Games

Explore Europe in this drag and drop puzzle! Do you think you can put each country in the right place without making a mistake?

Drag and drop countries across Earth's largest continent. Can you find the right spot for every country in Asia?

Are you a geography whiz? Try to snap all 54 African countries into the right place!

Place all the countries of Central America and the islands of the Caribbean. This puzzle's no day at the beach!

This puzzle will take you from the heights of Machu Picchu to the Amazon rainforest. Can you piece South America together?

There's more to Mexico than meets the eye! Correctly place Mexico's 32 states. Don't know them? Try to learn as you go!

Do you know the provinces and territories of the world's second biggest country?

G'day, mate! How well do you know the land down under? Drag and drop all its provinces and territories to the right spots!

How well do you know your US state capitals? This game gives you three ways to test yourself: choose it, spell it and locate it!

Do you know all your U.S. states by their shape and location? Try this game to find out!