Memory Games

Run, jump, and swim through the city. Can you find enough spare change to buy a refreshing can of soda?

Scuba Bear needs help collecting all the treasures on his list! Dive into the caves to collect all the hidden treasures.

Lights out! Can you find your way in the dark? Finish each level twice.

Practice your painting skills! Memorize the picture and draw it before it fades away.

Can you find two copies of every animal? Play the classic game of concentration.

Warning: This game requires a huge amount of concentration and memorization as you run (or skate) through the 3 dimensional courses.

Escape a 3D maze. It looks 2D at first, but you can move between layers of the maze. You'll need to memorize each layer's layout to make good time!

Help Dash Dash and his friends race through each level. Memorize each course, collect coins and buy the upgrades you need to stay ahead of Dr. Saw!

He's falling. You'll have to figure out the rest! WARNING: Once you start this game, it's going to be very hard to stop.

A classic memory game, but even harder! Flip the cards and match three images instead of two. Can you do the hardest level without any mistakes?

One of the most awesomest games ever. You're going to have to move fast and buy lots of upgrades to win this one! Do your math and spend wisely.

The computer briefly shows you a pattern on the board... Then, it disappears and you have to reproduce it.

Run through the maze and obstacles to get to the burger stand. You only have 60 seconds, so you better start running!

This is a good memory game. At each level, a new object is put on the screen. Your goal is to keep track of what you've already seen and click on the new one.

This game take a lot of concentration. The pods open for just a second to show you what's inside... Then, you have to remember and match the color pairs up.

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