Ninja Games

Sneak your way into this collection of stealthy ninja games. Whether you're slicing sushi, sneaking through a tower or just painting a wall, you're going to need to practice if you want to master these games!
Hop in your shell and slide!
Who says turtles are supposed to be slow? Hop in your shell, pick up speed and slide!
Like a gem swap game!
This is like a gem swap game where you need to form rows of three of the same color, but with other cool things that happen when you line this up just right.
Use your rope-swinging skills to rescue the bees!
You have a new mission: rescue the missing bees. Hop into action and use your rope-swinging skills to find them and bring them home.
Rescue the animals from the evil samurai!
An evil samurai kidnapped all your friends. Climb walls with your grappling hook and set them free!
Slice past impossible jumps and grab the star!
You're a ninja with a secret power. You can slice through the world to shift it around. Use your world-slicing ability to land impossible jumps.
Use your stealthy skills to sneak into the tower.
Use your stealthy skills to break into the tower and capture the loot! How far can you make it before you get caught?
Slice the sushi.
Are you a master sushi chef? Slice the flying sushi in half, but stay away from the bombs! How long can you last?
Aim well and become a ninja master.
Now that you've finished the Academy, you're ready for real sticky ninja missions. Accomplish your objective and escape!
FLASHBACK: Help a ninja walk his path.
FLASHBACK: Help the ninja reach the gong! Control a team of ninjas to rotate the world and make a path to the gong for the black ninja.
Help a ninja become a ninja master.
Help the ninja jump around the training grounds in his quest to become a ninja master. You'll need to figure out the best route and how to deal with obstacles.
Help the ninja paint the walls and get to the exit.
Help the ninja grab the right paint color and roll it on the marked walls. Collect all the stars and get to the exit to complete each level.
More great Ninja painting.
More great levels of your favorite game ONLY on Coolmath! Help the ninja paint the x's and collect all the stars to get to the exit to complete each level.
A great sequel to one of our most popular games.
A great sequel to one of our most popular games. Choose your ninja (boy or girl) and grab the right paint to make your way through each level.
Pick the right color and break down rock walls.
From the maker of Ninja Painter! Your goal is to collect the gems and stars on each level. Grab the pick of the right color to break down the rock walls.
The citizens have been kidnapped by evil ninjas!
The town's citizens have been kidnapped by evil ninjas! Help red warrior jump, climb and flip to free them from their cages.