Robot Games

Get ready to roll out with these awesome games about 'bots, cyborgs, and droids! These metalheads aren't just mindless drones... you'll play as robot engineers, escape artists, and drillers! What are you waiting for? Power up and play these robot games!

Stretch your arms to push and pull blocks.
The Grab-bot comes equipped with state of the art arm-stretching technology! Push, grab and pull blocks into the proper place.
Run, jump and shoot with just one button!
This little robot can really jump! Upgrade your firmware with power-ups that let you double jump and shoot. Can you get to the teleporter?
Protect your gems!
The evil robots have returned and are threatening the safety of the forest. Power up your Fire, Ice and Physical towers and protect your gems!
Jump in the pit and fall to victory!
Jump in the pit and fall to victory! Dodge enemies and keep your battery charged. Can you reach the bottom without losing your upgrades?
Build up your forces and save the forest!
Ready your defenses and stop these robots in their tracks! Build and upgrade Fire, Ice and Physical towers to save the forest.
Defend your home from robot invaders!
Save your home from the invading robots. Ready your powerful defensive towers... but watch out for friendly fire!
Can you escape? Find each room's secret.
Figure out the secret rule of every room! Can you make it to the final chamber and escape the facility?
Help Robo fix everything!
Robo needs to get to work, but everything is broken! Help Robo fix everything and reach the end of each level.
Get the robot to the finish line.
Program the robot to reach the finish line by placing turns, tubes, portals and more in his path!
Bring power back to the robots!
The robots are stranded and need your help. Connect the matching machines to turn them back on.
The robots need to help!
The robots find themselves in a very strange place: strange gravity, many evil robots and 25 levels to get through. They need to help!
Get the robots to the teleporters!
Two robots are stuck on a weird gravity platform with lots of obstacles in the way. Get each of them to the teleporter safely!
Stack same-colored robots to clear the factory!
The robot-making machine has gone haywire! Stack same-colored robots to clear the factory floor.
Program your robot to help it escape!
Test your coding skills by programming the robot to help it escape! Careful...this robot ALWAYS follows its commands.
Take command of the robots!
Take command of the robots! Use elevators, magnets and conveyor belts to get them to the exits. If you don't act fast they might walk right off a cliff!
Don't let your battery run out!
Your battery is running low and there's no outlet in sight! Roll and jump to grab new batteries before your power level hits 0%.
Warp to the flag, 3 steps at a time!
To escape this broken down factory you'll have to think 3 steps ahead! Warp across shipping crates and girders to reach the flag.
Can you keep the power on?
Can you keep the power on? Think ahead and plan your moves to push your battery into the charger.
Take a walk in outer space!
Take a walk in outer space! Just watch your step, the path will fall down behind you.
Stack up boxes and robots to escape the factory!
Security breach! Take control of robots to move around the factory. Push boxes and pull levers to make your escape!
Dig down for valuable resources!
Use your mining bot to help the citizens of Ozark town. Find valuable resources underground and bring them back to the surface.
You're a Special Intergalactic Painter.
You're a Special Intergalactic Painter. Paint the entire space platform, but avoid the defense systems!