Spelling Games

Practice your word wizardry with these great word games. Whether you're slinging spells in Misspelled or competing against others in Word Race, these games will definitely test your vocabulary!

About Spelling Games

For those of you who prefer to learn in more abstract ways, you have come to the right place! Our Spelling Games can teach you spelling, grammar, and punctuation in a way that is more fun and interesting than regular schooling.

Now that we’ve explained what this playlist is, let’s go over some of the most frequently asked questions about our spelling games.

Do spelling games help students learn?

Spelling games can be extremely effective at improving a student’s grammar, spelling, and punctuation. The addition of competitveness and fun can create a whole new teaching style that makes students really want to learn.

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What is the most popular spelling game?

The most popular spelling game on our site by far is Hangman. This game forces players to use their imagination and critical thinking skills to try and solve the mystery word that is given to them. To learn about some sweet Hangman strategies, check out the Coolmath Games blog all about how to win Hangman.

Another great game to help you learn to spell is Word Race. In Word Race, players are given a grid of letters that they must try and make words out of. The longer the word, the more points that they are awarded.

What really makes this game interesting is that students are competing against another player who is given the same grid of letters. When one player uses a letter, the other player is no longer allowed to use that same letter. This forces players to think quickly on their feet if they want to win.

What kinds of spelling games are there?

There are all kinds of different spelling game subgenres on our playlist. Misspelled is a great combination of a spelling game and a platformer game. Unolingo is a great puzzle game to teach spelling, and Candy Word is a great mash-up of a spelling game and a Match 3 game.

This large variety of genres makes it very easy for gamers of all interests to get involved in our Coolmath spelling games.