Strategy Board Games

Test your skills with our strategy board games. Play the classics like Chess and Checkers, or switch it up with a more obscure title like Peg Solitaire.

About Strategy Board Games

Come check out our collection of strategy board games. This list of classic games will take you back to a simpler time of tabletop nights full of wholesome fun.

What is a strategy board game?

Oftentimes, games can have a lot of different factors at play. Whether they rely on luck, reactions, timing, or skill, there is a lot that goes into them. A lot of the time these things can be out of your control.

However, strategy board games offer a solution. Strategy board games completely rely on the user being able to decide what they want to do. There is very little luck involved, it is all about outsmarting and outlasting your opponent.

For example, in the game Chess, there is practically no luck or gaming skill involved. The only factor that comes into play is figuring out where to move your pieces in order to trick the opponent. It is all up to your strategy and tactics to win. To learn more about Chess strategy, check out our Coolmath Games blog full of tips and tricks for Chess beginners.

What is the easiest strategy board game to learn?

That’s a tough question to answer. While there are some games that have easy game mechanics, they still require a great amount of practice to get truly great. A good example of this is Reversi. The concept is that you pretty much just have to sandwich the enemy pieces between yours, but there is so much more to it than that. To learn more about this, check out our blog all about Reversi tactics.

Probably the easiest strategy board game to learn is Four In A Row. All players must do is connect 4 game pieces together in a line. This can either be done diagonally, vertically, or horizontally. If you are struggling to learn Four In A Row though, don’t worry! We have a whole Coolmath Games blog on how to play Four In A Row.