Tactics Games

Decide your future in our tactics games. Sneak around guards in Tiny Heist or fight off invaders in Defense of the Wilds. There's tons to do in our fun and fast-paced playlist.

About Tactics Games

Take on your opponents in some of our favorite tactics games. Maneuver around enemies in Mainland Wars, or defend your base in Toy Soldiers. No matter which game you play, it will take some serious strategy in order to come out on top.

What are tactics games?

Tactics games involve any game that players must use their brains to outmaneuver their opponents. A good example is Tiny Heist. In Tiny Heist, players must sneak around guards, security cameras, and dogs, in order to make it to the top of the tower. This requires a great deal of timing and awareness so as to not get caught and achieve victory.

What are the most popular tactics games?

The games are listed in order of popularity, starting with Toy Defense. Many of the tactics games that are popular on the playlist are also tower defense games. Not only does this include Toy Defense, but Defense of the Wild, Two Timin’ Towers, and Fold Wars as well. To learn more about these games, make sure to check out our tower defense games page.

What can you learn from tactics games?

Playing games in moderation can actually do a lot to benefit you. This is especially true for games that require real thinking, such as tactics games. Not only can you have a great time playing these games, but you might actually be able to get smarter in the process.

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