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Big Tower Tiny Square Series

The always fun, always entertaining Big Tower Tiny Square game series. Get your pineapple back!


More About The Big Tower Tiny Square Series

The goal is pretty much the same in all of the games from the Big Tower Tiny Square series – make it to the top of the tower and save the pineapple! 

While all of the games have the same concept of getting to the top of the tower, there is enough variation from game to game to keep everything interesting. For example, Big Flappy Tower Tiny Square allows players to have three jumps in mid-air. This ability gets replenished every time the square safely touches the ground. The inclusion of this new ability, on top of new maps, makes for some fun and interesting gameplay. 

Make sure to test all of the games out and see which one is your favorite. A quick heads up though – you'll probably need at least an hour to complete any of these games, we're not joking when we say that it is a BIG tower.