Duck Life Games

Train your duck to win races. Spend your resources wisely to make your duck faster. Teach your duck to run, swim, and fly.

It’s got training, it’s got racing, it’s got strategy, it’s the Duck Life Game Series! Train up your duck to compete in races and win the world duck championship. It won’t be easy though, you will need a great deal of patience and discipline in order to get the strongest duck around.

Players tend to love this game because of its slow build and open-world format. These unique browser game features have made the Duck Life games some of the most popular titles here at Coolmath Games. Read on to learn a few of the most frequently asked questions involving the Duck Life series.

What is the hardest Duck Life game?

It is hard to say which one is truly the most difficult. However, if you are basing it on how much variety there is in the game, then it has to be Duck Life 4. From different biomes to 4 different attributes to train, there is just a lot to do in this game. You can play Duck Life 4 for hours and still not even complete the game. This is definitely a game that will take multiple days to play completely through. 

What makes the Duck Life games so much fun?

The constant build towards becoming the best duck you ca be. In all of the Duck Life games, players must train for a long time before they are able to become the world champion. This slow and steady progress makes the games extremely gratifying to play.

What other games should I play if I like Duck Life?

If you are a fan of the Duck Life games, then we recommend playing more training games. These are games where players must improve their skills in order to make progress. A couple of good recommendations are Diggy and Super Ordinary Joe. Both are good extremely fun games that have a similar feel to the Duck Life games.

If the main appeal of the Duck Life games is the athletic aspect of the series, then we recommend checking out any of the sports games here at Coolmath Games. There are tons of fun titles here. We recommend one of our newer sports games, Super Pickleball Adventure.