Papa's Pizzeria Games

The Papa’s Pizzeria franchise is made for those who are masters of multitasking! In the Papa’s Pizzeria franchise, you will have to help run a restaurant. Keep up though, orders can pile up awfully quickly. Take orders, prepare food, and make customers happy to score big tips!

More About Papa's Pizzeria

While many of our Papa’s Pizzeria games are still on flash and therefore not playable right now, we are trying our best to bring them back. However, for right now we are just running Papa’s Pizzeria. Don’t worry though, this game is still plenty of fun just on its own.

Papa’s Pizzeria has been a fan favorite for years on our site, and for good reason. You will have to manage your resources well and keep up with all of the havoc that is going around you. While the game might start out easy, it will progressively get more difficult as you go along. Make sure that you stay on top of your orders so you don’t get bogged down.