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How to Play Geometry Jump

Griffin Bateson / Novembro 9, 2023
How to Play Geometry Jump

Embark on a geometric journey in Geometry Jump, the fun new platformer game. This game is full of trials and tribulations as players are trying to make it to the end of each level. In your way are scary spikes and huge jumps. There are 15 levels that you must get through in order to achieve geometrical greatness.

How to Play Geometry Jump

There is only one control that you need to use when playing Geometry Jump – the spacebar! Geometry Jump is the true definition of a one-button game. Simply use the spacebar to jump onto the platforms and over the spikes. This means that you can start the game right away. This is unlike some other games where there is an adjustment period as you start to learn all of the controls.

One additional component of Geometry Jump is that you can earn bonus stars during each level. There will be 3 stars that are located throughout each stage. Oftentimes, you will have to take less conventional routes to get them. While these stars don’t give you any in-game advantages, it is considered a real accomplishment if you can figure out how to get all of the stars in Geometry Jump.

Geometry Jump Strategies

There are a variety of different strategies that you can use to become a better Geometry Jump player. While some of these strategies may seem basic, there are likely at least one or two tips that you can use to sharpen your Geometry Jump skills. Continue on to learn 4 tips about how to play Geometry Jump at an elite level.

Anticipate danger

Sometimes Geometry Jump can lull you into a sense of false safety. There will be parts of the map where you just have to make a few simple jumps. However, don’t let this make you feel like you are in the clear. It is up to you to stay focused and expect a hard section to come up. Anticipating this will increase the likelihood that you will get through the next hard section and make it out on the other side. Remember, you are never safe in Geometry Jump. There will always be a roadblock coming your way.

Embrace failure

By nature, Geometry Jump is a game where players will fail a lot. There are just so many moves that you have to execute perfectly that failure at some point is almost inevitable. This is okay though. Instead of getting down about your failures, embrace them! Think about why you fell, and what you can do to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Changing your mindset into someone who learns from their mistakes is a huge shift and will help you become the best Geometry Jump player you can be. This can actually be applied to almost any game. Failure is just an opportunity to learn a little bit more.

Master your timing

How to Play Geometry Jump Blog Gameplay

Every map in Geometry Jump takes at least a couple of minutes to complete. This means that there are a lot of jumps that must be well executed in order to make it through the entire stage. For this reason, getting comfortable with the timing of your jumps will be an extremely important aspect of the game. This skill can really only be improved upon by playing more Geometry Jump, so make sure to really think about when you should be jumping in order to get over the rows of spikes that lie in front of you.

Keep calm

With all of the chaos that goes on while playing Geometry Jump, it is easy to let the nerves sink in. These nerves do nothing but hurt your chances of making it through the level. While being alert is important, it is also crucial that you stay calm.

There are a few different strategies that you can employ to ease your nerves while playing Geometry Jump. One of the best ways to relax is to just take a break for a few minutes. Step outside, grab some water, maybe even get a snack if you feel like it. Whatever you need to do to reset your brain. Then when you come back, you will be a refreshed and more well-equipped player.

Breathing is also an important skill that can help with nerves. Taking long breaths will help you maintain a kind of zen throughout the game that will aid you in your quest.

So now that you know how to play Geometry Jump and have learned a few strategies, go and try it out! This game feels extremely rewarding to win, especially if you manage to grab all 3 stars that are hidden on each level.