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How to Play Carrom

Griffin Bateson / 6月 18, 2024
How to Play Carrom

Carrom is one of the most iconic tabletop games worldwide. For those of you who don’t know, the overall goal of this game is to flick your tile called a striker at the pucks and try to sink them in the corner pockets. The game is very similar to 8 Ball Pool, just with some more specific rules. Continue reading to learn more about how to play Carrom.

How to Play Carrom

Learning how to play Carrom is pretty straightforward as far as ancient games go. There are two different kinds of Carrom in our version – Freestyle mode and Disc Pool mode.

Disc Pool

Disc Pool mode will feel very familiar to you if you’ve played the game 8 Ball Pool before. In this version, you are assigned either all of the white or black pucks., while your opponent is assigned the other color. The entire goal of the game is to get all of your pieces into one of the four corner pockets of the map before your opponent can do the same.


Freestyle Carrom is a little bit more nuanced than Disc Pool. In this game, you must beat the other player by earning a certain amount of points, which vary depending on the difficulty you select. The different pucks are worth different amounts of points in this version of Carrom. Black pucks are worth 10 points, whites are worth 20, and the single red puck is worth 50.

Carrom Strategies

If you want to become skilled at Carrom, it will take a lot of strategy and practice. Not to worry though, we can help you get off to a strong start with a few of our best Carrom tips and tricks. Read on to learn 6 ways you can up your game as you begin to learn how to play Carrom.

It’s all about the angles

Make sure to use your slider that moves your striker along the map left and right. Getting the perfect angle for each shot is absolutely critical. So don’t be scared to fiddle with your slider to make sure that you line up your striker just right to get the right shot.

Try both versions

While most people prefer to play the Freestyle version of Carrom, we recommend that you try out both of our versions. Everyone is different, so make sure to open yourself up to every possible option. This is especially true if you like 8 Ball Pool, which has a lot of similarities to the Disc Pool version of Carrom.

Get the red puck

How to Play Carrom Blog Gameplay

In the Freestyle version of Carrom, there is a red puck in the middle. This puck is worth 50 points, which means that it is obviously an important tile to try and sink. However, it comes with a caveat – after you knock in the red puck, you must sink another puck on your next turn, or else you won't earn any points at all.

Upon your failure to sink a second puck, the red puck will be placed back in the middle and you won't be awarded any points. Along with this, the red puck can't be the final puck you sink. Keep these rules in mind as you play.

Control your power

Many new players are tempted to fire their striker as hard as they can at the pucks. However, you should use some touch so you only strike with the necessary amount of power. This will make your shots more precise, and thus more likely to go in.

Along with this, you will also be less likely to commit a foul in Carrom if you limit your power. When you accidentally sink your striker into one of the 4 corner pockets, you commit a foul and lose 40 points, as well as your turn. This is a big setback and should be avoided as best as you can. It's similar to committing a 'scratch' in 8 Ball Pool.

Take your time

While there is a running clock that starts once your turn begins, there is plenty of time on the clock to make a smart decision and execute it. So don’t get hasty and take the first shot that looks good. Take your time to mull over your options and see which one makes the most sense for your game plan.

Customize your Carrom

As you continue to learn how to play Carrom, you will earn more and more coins. These coins can be exchanged for all different kinds of customizations. While none of them provide a real strategic advantage, it’s fun to spice things up once in a while! Change the color of your striker, your pucks, or even the board itself. Have fun with it!

So now that you know more about how to play Carrom, get out there and try it for yourself. This game has been popular for centuries due to its fun and strategic gameplay, so join in on the hype.