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How to Play Mr. Mine Escape

Griffin Bateson / 5月 17, 2024
How to Play Mr. Mine Escape

From the creator of Mr. Mine comes a new spinoff escape game, Mr. Mine Escape. This perplexing puzzle game has a lot of fun references to the original Mr. Mine. It has quirky robots, spooky caves, and even some iron and copper ore mixed into the game.

How to Play Mr. Mine Escape

Learning how to play Mr. Mine Escape is even easier than understanding the controls of the original Mr. Mine. All you have to do is use your mouse to select items and go from room to room. That’s it, there are no keyboard commands to learn or anything complicated like that.

This means that Mr. Mine Escape is extremely beginner-friendly. You can pretty much just hop into the game immediately without any prior knowledge. Of course, it helps to learn a few strategies first that will assist you in your quest to reach the outside.

Mr. Mine Escape Strategies

Mr. Mine Escape can seem like an intimidating experience at first. There are a bunch of random objects lying around, a lot of which look intimidating and confusing. However, once you gain your bearings, you will realize that compared to most escape games, Mr. Mine Escape really isn’t too bad. Similar to the original Mr. Mine, it is just a fun game and enjoyable game that shouldn't be too stressful. 

In fact, Mr. Mine Escape is probably one of the easiest escape games that we have on the site. While games like Trace and Escape Castle Claymount take at least an hour to complete for most players, you can probably figure out how to complete Mr. Mine Escape in under 20 minutes if you really put your mind to it!

Use your items

The absolute most important part of completing Mr. Mine Escape is figuring out how to use your items properly. Every single item that you are given will have a use, it is just a matter of figuring out how and when to use it. For example, if you are given a red key, it will likely open a red lock or a red box. If you are given a screwdriver, there is likely some sort of screw or bolt that can be unlocked somewhere. Thinking critically about which problem your item can solve is crucial.

You may also notice some weird patterns scattered around the maps. For example, there might be some red and white pushpins in a drawer, or some colorful markings on a wall. No matter what it is, you should take these oddities into consideration. They are often clues to solve riddles.

Play with sound

For at least one clue in Mr. Mine Escape, there is an auditory component. While it isn’t completely necessary to play with the sound on, it helps at least a little bit. 

Click around

Mr. Mine Escape Walkthrough Blog Gameplay

There are items scattered around on every single level. Sometimes they are hard to see. If you ever feel stuck and unsure of where to go next, try just clicking around on every single item that looks even somewhat interesting. You may will likely pick up something of use eventually, like a pickaxe, a key, or a surprisingly important spark plug. 

Asking for hints is okay

If you have already tried clicking around to no avail, there is always one more option. In the top left corner of the game, there is a button that you can press to give you a hint. While this won't tell you how to complete the entire game, it will give you a hint as to what the next step is.

There is no shame in pressing the hint button, we all need a little bit of help once in a while. It’s better to progress with some help instead of not progressing at all and just quitting the game instead.

So now that you have learned a few tips on how to play Mr. Mine Escape, go and check out the game now! Put this walkthrough to good use and complete all 3 levels. See you on the other side!