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City Blocks: A Quick Guide to the Fun Matching Game

Griffin Bateson / May 9, 2022
City Blocks: A Quick Guide to the Fun Matching Game

In City Blocks, players are growing a village from the ground up . . . literally. The goal of City Blocks is to build the largest city that you possibly can by creating larger and larger buildings. To start, you must put small buildings next to each other. When three buildings are all crammed next to one another, they form a larger building that can fit more people into the city. There is basically no limit as to how large of a building you can make.

We recommend this game for those of you who enjoy matching games that require a great deal of strategy and planning ahead. City Blocks is kind of like the game 2048, it just has a little bit more of a complex strategy because you must combine three structures with each other instead of two. 

How do you play City Blocks?

One of our favorite strategies is to group up buildings of similar size into different sections of the map. If you have a giant building right next to a tiny little hut, odds are that it is going to be a long and arduous journey to upgrade that hut into a giant building by the end. Instead, put the larger buildings that you are able to place down next to other large buildings, and vice versa with the smaller buildings. 

One other tip - you will receive points called Jokers as you progress through the game. These will allow you to select which building is next up in the queue. We highly recommend that you use these to your advantage, especially when you are trying to make a big play but just don’t have quite the right piece. A word of warning though - the larger the building you select, the more joker points it will cost you. Take this into account when deciding how to use your Joker points. 

What genre is City Blocks?

City Blocks is kind of a hodgepodge of a bunch of different genres, all rolled into one fun and exciting game! The sheer amount of logic and planning that goes into the game makes it fit into so many different categories on our site.

For one, City Blocks is a match 3 game for the very simple reason that 3 buildings must line up next to each other in order to condense into a larger building. While this is not as conventional of a match 3 game as something like Poptris, it is still a match 3 game nonetheless. 

Not only is City Blocks a matching game, but it is also an endless puzzle game. This means that players can constantly try and improve upon their runs, never having to be limited by the number of levels there are. For beginners, we challenge you to get over 5,000 points when playing. Anything over that is considered an extremely impressive feat. 

What are some similar games to City Blocks?

There are quite a few games that have a similar feel to City Blocks. Attributes of similar games must include the need to think ahead, as well as the ability to combine blocks together in order to improve upon scores. With that being said, let's hop into a couple of matching games that might appeal to you after you finish playing City Blocks.


As we mentioned before, 2048 is one of the first games that comes to mind. The ability to line up blocks and combine them to make bigger blocks is consistent throughout both games. Players will have to manage their blocks in an organized and orderly fashion if they hope to combine their blocks all the way up to 2048.

Tiny Kingdom

Another game that has many similarities to City Blocks is the matching game Tiny Kingdom. In Tiny Kingdom, players must rotate and match up tiles of various colors within a 5X5 square grid. Tiles often have multiple colors, and it is absolutely necessary for players to think ahead in order to match up the tiles efficiently. This game is similar to City Blocks in the sense that you must match up the tiles in a certain order, as well as look ahead into the future in order to succeed in the game. 

Well, what are you waiting for! Get out there and start building up your city, one block at a time. Afterward, make sure to vote on whether you liked our matching game or not.