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Coolmath Games Blog

How to Play Light the Lamp Blog Thumbnail

How to Play Light the Lamp

Dive into Light the Lamp! Navigate tricky levels, avoid obstacles, and plug in the light. Discover strategies and tips to master this fun game.
how to play Tiny Fishing

How to Play Tiny Fishing – 2024 Update

Tiny Fishing is a game for mobile and desktop that happens to be one of the Top 10 games on the site. Fair warning: the game gets pretty time consuming, so be prepared to waste some hours catching tiny fish!
Mr. Mine Escape Walkthrough Blog Thumbnail

How to Play Mr. Mine Escape

Uncover the mysteries hiding in the caves of Mr. Mine Escape. Discover jewels, solve puzzles, and figure out how to escape the three rooms trapping you.
How to Play Run 2 Blog Thumbnail

How to Play Run 2: A Complete Guide

Master Run 2 with strategies such as practicing patience, acquiring bonuses, and finding your inner resilience. These are all necessary qualities if you want to complete Run 2.
How to Play Candy Clicker 2 Blog Thumbnail

How to Play Candy Clicker 2

Dive into Candy Clicker 2 mastery with pro tips on how to play Candy Clicker 2. Boost efficiency & satisfy your sweet tooth.
How to Play Stack Game Blog Thumbnail

How to Play the Stack Game

Experience the thrill of the Stack Game! Click to stack blocks, earn points, and explore diverse maps. Learn expert strategies to dominate the leaderboard.
The White Room 4 Strategies Blog Thumbnail

How to Play The White Room 4

Escape the confines of The White Room 4 with expert guidance. Strategize, communicate effectively, and overcome the obstacles!
How to Play Escape the Black and White House Blog Thumbnail

How to Play Escape the Black and White House

Navigate the colorless corridors and unlock the secrets of Escape the Black and White House. Can you outwit every puzzle and escape?
How Not to Play Opposite Day Game Thumbnail

How (Not) to Play Opposite Day

Embark on a journey of confusion with Opposite Day! Unravel deceptive cues to master this challenging platformer.
New Coolmath Games Merch Blog Thumbnail

New Coolmath Games Merch is Up!

Discover what's new at Coolmath Games: apparel, homeware, accessories, and more in store.
Candy Clicker Blog Thumbnail

How to Play Candy Clicker

Become a Candy Clicker champion with our expert advice. Learn essential strategies to level up fast!
5 Best Flash Games Blog Thumbnail

5 Best Flash Games

Embark on a nostalgic journey with 5 resurrected titles! Dive into the best flash fun and relive the excitement of these beloved games from the past.
How to Play Growmi Blog Thumbnail

How to Play Growmi – A Beginner’s Guide

Unlock the secrets of Growmi's world! Learn how to play with precision, gather stars, and stretch your way to victory.
Cool Dominoes Transition Thumbnail

Cool Dominoes – A New Approach to the Classic Game

Ready to dive into classic dominoes fun? Learn about Cool Dominoes on Coolmath Games and play without distractions.
How to Play Ducklings io Blog Thumbnail

How to Play

Rule the pond with our guide! Master how to play, gather ducklings, and dominate your rivals.
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