New Logic Games

If you are feeling empty, this game is sure to fill you up. Grow your snake to fill all the squares.

Welcome back, Cyber Tank Commander! Out-think the robotic defense system and infiltrate the enemy base.

If you've played Red, Yellow or Black, you know how this works. Every level is a new puzzle. Can you turn them all blue?

Feed the multicolor dragon.
Build houses to please the diverse citizens of Freeport.
Clear the board and see the night sky.
Unscramble the letters to find hidden words!
Solve puzzles, smash bad guys!
Rotate the world and use your jetpack!

Popular Logic Games

An abandoned temple. A lost brother.
Bullseye! Aim your grabber to reach the target.
Flip the block over and over to get it to fall in the hole.
Eat the apples and reach the portal.
Sorry, you can't play this non-game.
Shoot hoops, but with a cannon.
Find the pattern to turn the screen black.
Build a bouncing contraption.
Remove the cubes and get to the red square.
Walk over the edge of the world.
Use all your keys to reach the top.
Fix Wheely's lawnmower and save the world.
Draw lines to fill each cup with sugar.
Get Snail Bob safely to his Grandpa's birthday party!
Pick the right color and break down rock walls.
Use your paint and tools to copy the ball design.
Cut blocks of wood into the right number of pieces.
Grab your wrecking ball and tear down buildings!
Move the other cars to escape the parking lot.
Help a ninja walk his path.

Helping Games

Wheely's bank was robbed! But he's on the case.
Help the good daddy get his son to school.
Doctor Acorn has lost his head. Really!
Climb the cliffs of Peril!
Build a bridge to get the car onto the ferry.
Help Robo fix everything!

Platforming Puzzles

Keep all of the blocks safe.
This monkey is hungry!
Help the scientist escape with his robot ball.
You really just have to play it yourself!
The panda bros have been caught! Guide them home.
Jump and bounce to hit switches and break bricks.

Drawing Games

Draw paths on to the screen to guide the sugar.
Connect pipes of the same color.
Dunk as many baskets as you can!
Slice and dice these new crazy shapes!
Slice the food into equal portions.
Slice past impossible jumps and grab the star!

Physics Puzzles

Escape your ship with a gravity-flipping monkey.
Remove obstacles to escape the canyon!
Make all of the blocks grow beards!
Knock down towers in this crazy physics game.
Help the mouse get the cheese!
Ah! Purple shapes!

Think Outside the Box Games

Find the hidden sushi!
Solve the puzzle and get to the exit!
This isn't really an IQ test. It's just lots of fun.
Are you "literate" enough to find all 6 solutions?
Someone hit the lights!
Solve the puzzle, find the play button, beat the level!

Block Removal Games

Help the Icesters reach land safely.
Bump into humans to turn them into vampires.
Travel around the world and help a very hungry cat!
Help Sheriff Snowman save the holiday gifts.
Get ready to knock some blocks!
Get your dinosaur egg to the nest so it can hatch!

Building Games

Build a path to get the ball into the hole.
Help the train to travel across to the tunnel.
Line up your dominoes and knock them down!
Time to do some reflecting!
Collect all the stars and get to the berries
A great bridge building game.

Rope Cutting Games

Cut ropes and more to get the boy blob to his girlfriend.
Cut chains to get the balls in their buckets.
Collect all of the coins and get to the next level.
Cut the ropes to help the nutty squirrel.
Help the penguins get colorful!
Connect and cut ropes!

Sliding Games

Help the ninja paint the walls and get to the exit.
Defend the temple from intruding archaeologists.
Slide wooden blocks and roll to the goal.
Zip across the field. Slide into the target.
Slide the colored line to fill the grid!
Create a wooden path to cross the river.