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How to Play Tiny Fishing: Cast Off, Cash In

Jaren Fitzsimmons / April 8, 2021
How to Play Tiny Fishing: Cast Off, Cash In

Tiny Fishing is a game for mobile and desktop that offers a new take on a timeless tradition. It happens to be one of the Top 10 games on the site. Fair warning: the game gets pretty time consuming, so be prepared to waste some hours catching tiny fish!

The controls are pretty simple: cast your line by clicking or tapping the cast button. Be sure to time it right so you can get the maximum depth! While holding your mouse or finger down, drag your hook to pick up fish as you real your line in.

Your goal is to make money by catching as many fish as you can. You then use the money from those fish to upgrade your fishing rod. You can increase how many fish your pole can hold and how deep your line can go. You’ll also earn some gold after every catch and sometimes find treasure chests with gold in the water. Use the gold to personalize your fishing hook! 

how to play tiny fishing

You’ll encounter different ranks of fish in the lake. Common fish are the fish you’ll see the most and they are also worth the least amount of money. Rare fish are harder to come by, but they are worth a bit more. The most valuable fish is the legendary fish. These fish are worth significantly more than the others and will be colored gold. 

In addition to ranking, you’ll encounter different species of fish from little blue fish to seahorses! 

Helpful Tips to Get You Started

Upgrade Early and Often

The key to success: you have to spend money to make money. But that doesn’t mean you can spend recklessly! Be sure to spend your money on upgrades wisely. 

As soon as you get some cash from your fish, buy some upgrades to help you get even more money in the future. It may be helpful to start out by upgrading the amount of fish your pole can hold. Holding more fish means more money for upgrades!

Make Cash Offline

The game has an idle component so you can continue to rake in the cash even after you’re done playing. You’ll also be able to increase the amount you make per minute you’re offline. You’re going to want to take advantage of this. There is no better feeling than hopping back on and seeing tons of cash waiting for you to spend!

how to play tiny fishing offline

Check your Aquarium 

Another cool feature in Tiny Fishing is the aquarium. Some of your best catches will be put into an aquarium that will make you more money over time! You can collect your cash by clicking or tapping on your aquarium in the top corner, then tap the fish to make some cash. 

Turn Your Catch Into Cash

Now that you know the basics and some helpful tips you are ready to go! Head on over to the gamepage and start building your fish empire!