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Trace – Walkthrough for Beginners

Griffin Bateson / December 20, 2022
Trace – Walkthrough for Beginners

Nowadays it seems like everyone is going to escape rooms with their friends. You know, those escape puzzles where people must find their way out of a locked room by solving riddles and clues. Well, in the new game Trace, players are able to have a similar experience in the virtual world.

In Trace, players are trapped inside of a mysterious house. Through solving riddles and finding hidden items, they can find the exit of the house and escape back to their regular lives. Before we give you some strategies on how to escape the house though, let’s go over how to actually play the escape puzzle game with this Trace walkthrough.

How to Play Trace

The overall controls of Trace are actually quite simple. It is simply a point-and-click game, with no fancy mouse movements required. To move from room to room, click on the arrow on the edge of the screen. You will need to get comfortable with this, it will be a very necessary part of the game.

Trace Walkthrough Strategies

Trace can be a pretty tough game to start with. Oftentimes, it can take players 5, maybe even 10 minutes to really get into the good part of the game. Not to worry though, we have some strategies that will help you get off to a fast start and get out of the house as soon as you can in this Trace walkthrough.

Look for patterns

Oftentimes there will be random patterns in a room, whether it be lights strung up in a certain order, or symbols carved into the wall. These almost always have a purpose, so be on the lookout to see how they can apply to the other parts of the map. This is one of the most important tips that we have, so make sure to use take this advice into account. Maybe even take screenshots of the game in order to keep track of anything that seems notable.

Get the Scissors

Trace Escape Puzzle Gameplay

One of the first things that players need to do is find the scissors. While the first half of the scissors are pretty easy to discover, finding the second half will take a little bit of problem-solving (or should we say puzzle-solving). Once you find the scissors, the ball really gets rolling. You will be able to get the red key hanging on a string and the map really starts opening up.

Click on everything

The tiniest things can end up becoming huge hints in this escape puzzle game. This means that if anything seems even a little bit out of the ordinary, you should click on it. The worst possible outcome is that it ends up being nothing and you wasted a couple of seconds. Whether it be a brick that looks darker than the others, a random plant pot, or a bathroom sink, just go and see if there’s anything useful near it.

Take a break

Sometimes Trace can be a little bit of an exhausting game. There may be spans where you search for almost 5 minutes to no avail. If this ends up happening, we recommend that you walk away from the computer for a few minutes and go do another activity. Get some water, shoot some baskets, go play with your dog, just do something that relaxes you.

Games like Trace

There are plenty of other escape puzzle games similar to Trace on our site, specifically under the adventure games category. Read on to learn about 2 of our favorites from the genre.


Abandoned Escape Puzzle Game

In Abandoned, players are met with a simple yet confusing challenge – a door. How do you open the door? Where does this door lead to? What starts as a simple door leads to so much more, even going as far as to find an abandoned civilization. Search around, problem-solve, and scan for clues in order to reach the end.

Cat in Japan

Cat in Japan Escape Puzzle Game

The goal of Cat in Japan is to find all 20 pieces of sushi hiding around the house. Much like Trace, you must search for clues and patterns until you find every single piece. The first 10 or 15 are easy, but the last few pieces are a big challenge.

What's great about Cat in Japan is that players can beat it in about 15 to 20 minutes. This is not one of those puzzle games that will take you a couple of hours to complete. So if you have a little bit of time and you want a fun challenge, Cat in Japan is for you.

So get out there and start playing Trace, the escape puzzle game now! Navigate your way through the map with this Trace walkthrough and exit the house as quickly as you can.