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Benefits of Games as Learning Tools Blog

The Benefits of Video Games as Learning Tools

May 13, 2022
Learn the benefits of video games and how they can be used in an educational setting. Games can be a great way to improve skills in a fun and creative way.
City Blocks Matching Game Blog Thumbnail

City Blocks: A Quick Guide to the Fun Matching Game

May 9, 2022
Come read about one of our newest and most fun games on our site, City Blocks. Try and improve upon your high score in this unique matching game.
Top 10 Coolmath Games Blog Thumbnail

Top 10 Most Popular Games on Coolmath Games

May 5, 2022
Want to know about the top 10 Coolmath Games? We’ve compiled a list of the best computer games on our site, along with some useful information on them.
Robot Puzzle Game Are You Human

Are You Human? Prove It In Our Robot Puzzle Game

May 2, 2022
Learn about our fun and fast-paced robot puzzle game, Are You Human? This game will test your reactions and puzzle-solving skills throughout all 16 levels.
Stealth Games Blog Thumbnail

4 Fun Stealth Games to Sneak Around In

April 28, 2022
Learn about 4 of our most action-packed stealth games to get your blood pumping. You’ll have to be clever if you want to beat any of these games.
Block Stacking Game Geometry Tower Blog

Geometry Tower: A Guide to the Fun Block Stacking Game

April 25, 2022
Come learn about our new block stacking game, Geometry Tower! We will teach you the ins and outs so players can beat all 20 levels of this difficult game.
Best Idle Games Blog Thumbnail

Best Idle Games to Keep You Busy For Hours

April 21, 2022
Come read about some of the best idle games on our site. From fishing to digging to launching off frozen ramps, we’ve got something for everyone.
New Arcade Game Curve Ball 3D

Curve Ball 3D: A Beginner’s Guide

April 18, 2022
Check out our new arcade game from this week, Curve Ball 3D. In Curve Ball, players have to use their cat-like reactions if they hope to be victorious.
Educational Video Games Blog Thumbnail

How Educational Video Games Can Be Used in Class

April 12, 2022
Learn how implementing educational video games can be a huge benefit. Whether it’s for competition or gratification, games can be a great way to learn.
hard mazes blog thumbnail

Maze: A Puzzling Game to Test Your Mind

April 8, 2022
Come solve 200 hard mazes in our new game, Maze. Once you beat it, you can test your skills in our other modes, lights out, and ultimate time attack.
hexanaut new io game blog A Complete Guide

April 4, 2022
Don’t be square! Read this fun and fast-paced new io game that will get your competitive juices flowing. Conquer the hexagons to be crowned the Hexanaut.
mini stilts reflex game

Mini Stilts - Our Complete Guide To The Fast-Paced Reflex Game

March 28, 2022
Come and learn about one of our newest Coolmath Games - Mini Stilts. This fast-paced reflex game requires cat-like reflexes and skilled map memorization.
Jumping Games Coolmath Blog Thumbnail

Jumping Games That Will Give Your Day a Boost

March 23, 2022
Hop into our blog featuring 4 of our favorite jumping games on Coolmath. This quick read will give you some great insight into a few of our favorite games.
Challenging Games Thumbnail

New Challenging Games Make Their Way to Coolmath

March 21, 2022
Come see our new collection of challenging games that we released this week. Whether it’s 3D games or puzzle games, all genres are on the table.
how to play ovo

How to Play OvO: Run, Jump & Slide to the Flag

March 20, 2022
OvO is a platforming game that tests your level of skill and hand-eye coordination. The game may be a bit tricky to master, but we've got you covered!
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