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Cube Game Blog Thumbnail

Tilted Tiles: A Beginner’s Guide to The New and Challenging Game

August 18, 2022
Read about our newest cube game on the site, Tilted Tiles. If you like Bloxorz, then you will love this game. Learn 4 tips to help you beat every level.
how to play Bloxorz blog thumbnail

Bloxorz Tips & Tricks for Beginners

August 16, 2022
Successfully taking on Bloxorz is not for the faint hearted. Luckily for you we’ve got it covered with our essential strategy guide!
Basketball Video Games Thumbnail

4 Basketball Games That You Can’t Miss

August 3, 2022
Come read about these 4 basketball video games that you won’t want to miss. Just make sure to be quick, these games will push your reactions to the limit.
Pocket Golf Putting Game Blog Thumbnail

Pocket Golf - A Beginner’s Guide to Our Golf Game

August 2, 2022
Come learn about our tiny putting game, Pocket Golf. We will give you a few strategies so you can breeze through all 35 levels with ease.
Science Games Blog Thumbnail

Learn Scientific Concepts With Our Science Games

August 1, 2022
1. Games make learning science fun. 2. Games display concepts from a different perspective. 3. You don’t have to be good at science to be good at gaming.
Tower Defense Games Blog Thumbnail

4 Fast-Paced Tower Defense Games

July 29, 2022
Protect your home base in our 4 favorite tower defense games. We will teach you tips & tricks to help you defend your castle against incoming invaders.
Creative Games Blog Thumbnail

Do Video Games Limit Creativity?

July 27, 2022
Rediscover your imaginative side with our 4 creative games. These games will improve your critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
Flying Game Multitask Air Blog Thumbnail

Multitask Air: The Complete Guide to Our All-in-one Flying Game

July 26, 2022
Read about our newest game, Multitask Air. We’ll teach you everything there is to know about our flying game, from flying to the puzzle game aspect of it.
top 3 idle games to teach math blog thumbnail

3 Best Idle games for Teaching Math

July 25, 2022
Improve your math skills using these classic idle games. Idle games are both engaging and educational - you get the best of both worlds.
Word Search Puzzles Blog Thumbnail

Word Search Tips and Tricks

July 22, 2022
Achieve your best score in word searches now by reading our Coolmath Games blog. We will teach you the best tips & tricks to solve word search puzzles.
Speedrunning Games Blog Thumbnail

Set Records With Our 5 Favorite Speedrunning Games

July 21, 2022
Challenge yourself and rediscover these classic Coolmath Games by trying to speedrun them as fast as you can! How fast can you beat our speedrunning games?
Quax 2D Platformer Blog Thumbnail

Quax – The Guide to Our 4-Sided Platformer Game

July 20, 2022
Learn about Quax, one of our newest platformer games. Our guide to this 2D Platformer Game is full of tips and tricks that will have you jumping for joy.
Dinosaur Games Blog Thumbnail

Have Some Prehistoric Fun With Our 4 Dinosaur Games

July 18, 2022
Learn about our favorite online jurassic games. In our new Coolmath Games blog, we’ve included our 4 favorite dinosaur games full of prehistoric fun.
UFO Game Run Blog Thumbnail

Run: The Complete Guide to the Out of This World Game

July 15, 2022
Read about how to play one of the most popular games on our site, Run. These tips & tricks will help you complete all 50 levels of our classic UFO game.
Hard Games Blog Thumbnail

5 Hard Games to Push Your Limits

July 14, 2022
Sometimes a game can pass by a bit too easily and offer no sense of fulfillment. Well not here because we’ve come up with 5 of the hardest games on Coolmath!
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