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How to Play Unblocked – The Wooden Puzzle Game

Griffin Bateson / January 22, 2024
How to Play Unblocked – The Wooden Puzzle Game

If you are an enthusiast of simple yet tricky puzzles, then check out the new Coolmath Games title, Unblocked. In this brain teaser of a game, you will need to use strategy and precise path planning in order to make it through all 24 levels and come out on top.

We really don’t need to spend any time going over how to play Unblocked. All you have to do is click on the wooden blocks to move them either up, down, left, or right. After that, it’s just a matter of figuring out how to get the red block out of the grid.

Unblocked Game Strategies

The hard part isn’t the controls, but rather the execution. The first few levels have fairly simplistic gameplay. However, once you get past level 6 or 7, it really starts to get tricky. Due to the increased degree of difficulty, it is important that we go over strategies on how to beat the Unblocked game.

Every block counts

Most of the levels will utilize every single block. This means that even if a block seems useless, you should try moving it at one point or another. If you are ever stuck and unsure what to do next, see if you can rearrange some of the blocks that seem more irrelevant. It might have a much larger impact than what you may initially expect.

Plan Ahead

Think about at least the first few moves of the puzzle and what you will need to do to open up a lane. While this becomes harder during the later levels, at least try to plan out an opening in the early stages. Remember, there is no clock so you can feel free to take your time. There are no points awarded for a faster finish.

Take mental breaks

Unblocked is not a game for the weak. It takes a lot of focus and experimentation. For this reason, it can be easy to get burned out. Replenish your intelligence and creativity by taking a break once in a while. Step away, take a small walk, grab some water, and rest your eyes. Once you start playing again, you may see a new route or have a new idea that will help you get past the level. This strategy is especially useful if you have been stuck on one level for a while.

Move the red block frequently

How to Play Unblocked Blog Gameplay

You don’t need an entirely clear path to move the red block around. Sometimes it is actually necessary to move the red block. Placing it in a different part of the grid will open up new paths for the regular wooden blocks to move. This is a small tip, but one that actually becomes pivotal as you continue to play through the game.

Be smart with your movements

If stars are an important thing to you, then you will need to be efficient with your moves. The more moves that it takes you to complete each puzzle, the fewer stars you will be rewarded with. If you care about getting 3 stars on every single level, having a plan and making every move count is pertinent.

So now that you have learned 5 helpful tips on how to win the new Unblocked game, go and check it out! Who knows, these 5 tips may help you complete all 24 levels and become the newest champion.