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The Future of Poptropica on Coolmath Games

Coolmath Games Staff / January 18, 2024
The Future of Poptropica on Coolmath Games

As of January 2024, Coolmath Games has agreed to take over the preservation and hosting of popular adventure game Poptropica.

Poptropica has been a beloved internet gem since its first release in 2007, and we're proud to be part of its future. In this blog, we’ll go over some common questions that you may have about the migration, such as what changes are to come and how players will go about saving their progress.

Hasn't Coolmath Games already had Poptropica?

Coolmath Games has had Poptropica on the site for several years in partnership with the official Poptropica website. However, as the original Poptropica site decided to wind down, Coolmath Games offered to covered the ongoing costs and hosting of the game to sustain it going forward.

At some point, the Poptropica site will no longer be active and and will be fully redirected to Coolmath Games. We are taking our time to get the transition right, so stay tuned for an exact date for the full migration later.

Are there any improvements made to the Coolmath Games version?

Yes! There are a couple of important updates that we have to share relating to gameplay:

Mobile Improvements: You can now play Poptropica on mobile and tablet devices from Coolmath Games! We've optimized the layout and controls of the game on mobile so everything can be played comfortably on the go.

Big-Screen Mode: We have also made substantial improvements to big-screen mode on the game, where the game can responsively stretch to fit your computer's entire screen.

Will I be able to save my progress at Coolmath Games?

Your current Poptropica account will still work on Coolmath Games if you log in within the game. If you don't have an account yet, you’ll have to create an account in order to save your progress. It's important to know that this will be separate from your Coolmath Games account, which saves things like game XP, favorites, playlists, and more.

What does this mean for my Poptropica membership?

We are getting rid of the Poptropica membership model. Your old account is still useable on Coolmath Games, but it will not come with the previous perks that you were given if you were subscribed to a membership.

What will happen to

Eventually, the site will wind down and be fully migrated over to Coolmath Games. We are working to make sure all content users find valuable is preserved, including things like island tours, FAQs, and blogs.

Now that you have learned about all the changes coming up, make sure to check out the Coolmath Games version of Poptropica now! It has the same maps and features as the original, just on a different web page.