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coolmath games reversi strategy

How to Play - Reversi Strategy and Basics

March 1, 2022
Reversi is easy to learn, but hard to master. Learn how to play reversi with some of the best strategies.
critical thinking games Coolmath Games

Critical Thinking Games That Will Challenge Your Mind

February 28, 2022
Come challenge your mind with the new Coolmath games this week. This week has a major focus on critical thinking games that will test your skills.
new online games thumbnail

New Logic Games Released in 2022

February 22, 2022
Check out our 4 new online games for this week. This week has a real focus on logic games that manage to spice it up with some different dimensions.
fun platforming games

Fun Platforming Games to Take You on an Adventure

February 21, 2022
Check out these 4 fun platforming games for you to play. After reading, click on the links in the article to go and play them yourself.
new computer games kaboom swing gameplay

New Games: Grapple Tongue, Pipe Master, & Kaboom Swing

February 19, 2022
Come and read about our 3 new computer games on the Coolmath website. From swinging, to exploding, to fixing pipes, we've got it all.
new logic games Coolmath

New Games: Dark Light Swap, Box Factory, & Icy Purple Head 3

February 11, 2022
Read about our 3 brand new game releases. New games come out on a weekly basis, so be on the lookout for new content right here.
new game releases

New Coolmath Games: Lixel, Linquest, and Assembloid

February 3, 2022
Come and learn about our weekly new game releases on Coolmath. Afterward, go on and play these new titles for yourself.
best strategy games to show your ability Coolmath

Best Strategy Games to Show Your Abilities

January 27, 2022
Come read about some of the best strategy games on here. When you're done reading, have some fun and test them out for yourself here at Coolmath.
fun multiplayer games Coolmath Games

Fun Multiplayer Games to Prove Your Skill

January 26, 2022
Come and check out these 4 fun multiplayer games that are sure to be a blast! Whether you like classic games or action games, there is something for you.
Coolmath co op games

Co-Op Games You Can Play With Friends

January 24, 2022
Come and check out these 5 co-op games to play with friends. Play a co-op game together or go head-to-head to compete against each other.
code kingdoms how to make your own game coolmath games

How To Make Your Own Game As a Beginner

January 11, 2022
How to Make Your Own Game Without Knowing How to Code. All skill levels can benefit from this blog, whether you're a beginner or a pro!
how to make your own game in roblox

How to Start Making Your Own Roblox Game

January 10, 2022
Learn how to make your own game in Roblox, the game that has taken the world by storm since the early 00's. This guide will teach you to code like a pro.
history of sudoku Coolmath Games

The History of Sudoku Games Over the Years

December 22, 2021
Learn about the history of Sudoku and its evolution from Latin Squares, all the way up to what it has become today. After reading, give it a try over at Coolmath Games.
fun christmas games to get you in the holiday spirit

Christmas Games to Get In the Holiday Spirit

December 21, 2021
Come learn about 5 fun Christmas games that we think you will love. From skill games to puzzle games, there's something for everyone.
Connect 4 mini games

5 Mini Games You Can Play in Under 5 Minutes

December 14, 2021
No time to play games? Check out these 5 mini games you can play in under 5 minutes for when the clock is running low.
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