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fun multiplayer games Coolmath Games

Fun Multiplayer Games to Prove Your Skill

January 26, 2022
Come and check out these 4 fun multiplayer games that are sure to be a blast! Whether you like classic games or action games, there is something for you.
Coolmath co op games

Co-Op Games You Can Play With Friends

January 24, 2022
Come and check out these 5 co-op games to play with friends. Play a co-op game together or go head-to-head to compete against each other.
coolmath coding how to make your own game coolmath games

How To Make Your Own Game As a Beginner

January 11, 2022
How to Make Your Own Game Without Knowing How to Code. All skill levels can benefit from this blog, whether you're a beginner or a pro!
how to make your own game in roblox coolmath coding

How to Start Making Your Own Roblox Game

January 10, 2022
Learn how to make your own game in Roblox, the game that has taken the world by storm since the early 00's. This guide will teach you to code like a pro.
history of sudoku Coolmath Games

The History of Sudoku Games Over the Years

December 22, 2021
Learn about the history of Sudoku and its evolution from Latin Squares, all the way up to what it has become today. After reading, give it a try over at Coolmath Games.
fun christmas games to get you in the holiday spirit

Christmas Games to Get In the Holiday Spirit

December 21, 2021
Come learn about 5 fun Christmas games that we think you will love. From skill games to puzzle games, there's something for everyone.
Connect 4 mini games

5 Mini Games You Can Play in Under 5 Minutes

December 14, 2021
No time to play games? Check out these 5 mini games you can play in under 5 minutes for when the clock is running low.
retro games retro space blaster

Throwback Games to Take You Back in Time

December 7, 2021
4 throwback games that will make you feel nostalgic for the past. They’ll take you back to a time where games were simple in the best way possible.
critical thinking games

5 Games for Building Critical Thinking Skills

November 8, 2021
Searching for ways to boost your critical thinking skills? Here are some of the best online games to help.
pet games thumbnail

The Best Virtual Pet Games

October 28, 2021
Come take a look at 5 of our favorite pet games at Coolmath. We have a variety of games to satisfy your love of pets, from puzzles to action games.
best free typing games

Read the Best Online Typing Games of 2021

October 21, 2021
Learning to type can be difficult for many people. Discover our top picks for typing games that can really elevate your typing abilities!
WIZYWIG Coding Interface

How to Get Started Building Your Own Game

October 19, 2021
Even if you don't know how to code, there are still plenty of ways you can make your own game. Read about a few of these helpful tools.
are video games good for you

Are Video Games Good for You?

October 5, 2021
Come learn the answer to the controversial question – are video games good for you?
math games

Games That Will Make You Better at Math

August 17, 2021
Discover a few of our favorite math and learning games. Enjoy a challenge that will make you forget you’re getting a mental workout!
Casual Gaming Trends to watch in 2021

Casual Gaming: Trends to Watch in 2021

June 23, 2021
Casual games are a great way to experience the fun and excitement that gaming brings without having to work too hard or spend a lot of money to play.
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