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Coolmath Games Blog

Free Online Games
April 17, 2020
We've offered free online games since day one - and we don't plan on changing that!
Educational Games
April 9, 2020
Our games have a purpose beyond just plain entertainment - and that’s to enhance your brain.
How To Play Pool
April 9, 2020
Rack 'em up! Learn how to play Pool, along with tips, tricks and strategies to help you win any game.
Chinese Checkers Rules
April 9, 2020
Grab a friend or five & get ready to move some marbles. Learn Chinese Checkers rules, tactices & more!
How To Play Minesweeper
April 9, 2020
Learn how to play minesweeper, the classic logic game as old as computers themselves!
How To Play 2048
April 9, 2020
Learn how to play 2048 like a pro. On our site, you can play 2048 for free - learn the best strategies for the game here.
How To Play Sudoku
April 9, 2020
Test your logical skills. Learn how to play Sudoku, the classic, number-based brain teaser
How To Play Chess
April 8, 2020
It's never too late to learn how to play Chess! Get all the best tips and strategies to win your next game.
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