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How to Play Grindcraft Crafting Game Blog Thumbnail

How to Play Grindcraft – A Beginner’s Guide

January 10, 2023
Get out your pickaxe and get ready to learn how to play Grindcraft. Maximize your resources by reading some tips and tricks in the crafting game blog
History of Snake Game Blog Thumbnail

The History of Snake the Game

January 4, 2023
Jump into the days of retro gaming with this quick history of the Snake game. While the gameplay may be simple, its history is anything but.
Pickleball Game Blog Thumbnail

Super Pickleball Adventure – A Complete Guide

December 28, 2022
Start on your journey of Super Pickleball Adventure with the guide to this pickleball game. This blog is full of strategies to help you become a master.
Trace Escape Puzzle Game Blog Thumbnail

Trace – A Beginner’s Guide

December 20, 2022
Learn how to make your way out of the new escape puzzle game, Trace. Read 4 tips that won’t just help you in this game, but all escape games in general.
History of Rock Paper Scissors Blog Thumbnail

The History of Rock, Paper, Scissors

December 16, 2022
Read about the history of Rock, Paper, Scissors, all the way from its inception in Asia to its movement into the Western World and how it changed.
How to Play Papa's Freezeria Blog Thumbnail

How to Play Papa’s Freezeria – Coolmath Games Guide

December 13, 2022
Read how to play Papa’s Freezeria, the re-released classic cooking game. The blog also contains strategies to guide you through the sundae-making process.
2D Soccer Game Bad Soccer Manager Blog Thumbnail

Bad Soccer Manager – A Complete Guide

December 5, 2022
Learn how to play Bad Soccer Manager, one of the most competitive 2D soccer games there is. Read these 4 tips and tricks to lead you to athletic glory.
Most Popular Games 2022 Blog Thumbnail

Most Popular Coolmath Games of 2022

December 2, 2022
Check out the most popular games of 2022 from here at Coolmath Games. From new games to classic hits, make sure to read this 2022 recap.
Snake 3D Cube Game Blog Thumbnail

Snake 3D – A Beginner’s Guide

November 28, 2022
Read the complete guide to Snake 3D, the 3-dimensional version of the classic 8-bit game. Learn 4 helpful tips to succeed in this retro cube game.
Retro Game Atari Breakout Blog Thumbnail

Atari Breakout: A Complete Strategy Guide

November 22, 2022
Learn a few helpful tips for Atari Breakout, the arcade game that has been loved by millions. This blog is full of strategies to get you a new high score.
Atari Games Blog Thumbnail

5 Atari Games For Retro Game Fanatics

November 18, 2022
Learn about 5 of our favorite Atari games that bring some nostalgic spirit. From Pong to Missile Command, we’ve got some all kinds of Atari variety.
Fast Food Game Blog Thumbnail

How to Play Double Cheeseburger, Medium Fries

November 14, 2022
Orders up, learn how to prepare food in Double Cheeseburger, Medium Fries. Read about 4 tips and tricks to turn you into an expert of this fast food game.
Penguin Diner Game Blog Thumbnail

Penguin Diner – The Beginner’s Guide

November 7, 2022
Learn a few helpful tips to succeed in Penguin Diner, the new diner game. This guide will assist you in getting through every stage of the fun cooking game.
Baking Games Blog Thumbnail

Bake Up A Storm With These 4 Baking Games

November 4, 2022
Whisk up some tasty dishes in these 4 fun baking games. Learn about the many kinds of genres that are intertwined within these culinary titles.
Flashlight Games Blog Thumbnail

Shadeshift – A Beginner’s Guide

October 31, 2022
Learn how to play Shadeshift, the new and electrifying flashlight game. This blog is full of tips and tricks to help you beat all 21 levels.
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