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Sugar Sugar Tactics Blog Thumbnail

Flash Game Revival – Sugar, Sugar is back!

September 18, 2023
Sugar, Sugar is back and better than ever. Check out this blog for some Sugar, Sugar tips and tricks to help you become a master of this sweet game.
How to Play Red Ball 4 Volume 2 Blog Thumbnail

Red Ball 4: Volume 2 – A Beginner’s Guide

September 14, 2023
Take a leap back in time and learn how to play Red Ball 4: Volume 2. This dynamic platformer can be difficult to learn, but we’ve got some tips to help.
How to Play Battleship Blog Thumbnail

Battleship – A How-to Guide for Beginners

September 7, 2023
Elevate your Battleship gameplay with these expert insights on how to play Battleship effectively. These tips will take you from novice to pro in no time.
History of Snakes and Ladders Blog Thumbnail

Snakes and Ladders – The Complete History

August 31, 2023
Slither through the history of Snakes and Ladders and the surprisingly complicated origins. Learn about its move from India, to the UK, to America.
Greek Mythology Games – Mondays a Sisyphean Typing Game Blog

Mondays: A Sisyphean Typing Game – The Beginner’s Guide

August 28, 2023
Warm up those fingers, it’s time to play Mondays: A Sisyphean Typing Game. This fun greek mythology game is full of fun and challenging gameplay.
Mancala Strategies Blog Thumbnail

Tips to Win Mancala – A Complete Guide

August 23, 2023
Dominate the competition with this guide on Mancala Strategies. Employ these tactics against your opponents and you’ll be a Mancala powerhouse in no time.
New Papas Games Blog Thumbnail

Papa’s Games – 5 Revived Titles

August 21, 2023
Rediscover gaming joy with the return of Papa's Wingeria, Scooperia, Sushiria, Hot Doggeria, and Donuteria. Dive into the excitement of new Papa's games.
99 Balls Strategy Blog Thumbnail

99 Balls Tips and Tricks – A Complete Guide

August 10, 2023
Take an inside look at the best 99 Balls strategies. This guide will help players go from good to great when playing this fun and entertaining game.
How to Play Mutato Potato Blog Gameplay

Mutato Potato – A Beginner’s Guide

August 8, 2023
Mash your enemies in Mutato Potato, the action-packed potato game. This blog is full of tips and tricks to help you beat the game and become a winner.
How to Play Mancala Blog Thumbnail

Rules of Mancala – A Guide to the Ancient Game

August 1, 2023
Discover the ancient art of how to play Mancala. These important and easy-to-learn Mancala rules will help you become a beast on the boards.
How to Play Rotated Cups Blog Thumbnail

Rotated Cups – A Strategy Guide to the Rotating Game

July 27, 2023
Find your way to the blue cup in this guide on how to play Rotated Cups. These strategies will come in handy if you end up getting stuck on a level.
Mr Mine Assembling Games Blog

Build an Empire with These Assembling Games

July 25, 2023
Create and improve an entirely new world with these assembly games. You can check out some idle, skill, or puzzle games in this Coolmath Games blog.
Fit Block Puzzle Blog Thumbnail

Fit Block Puzzle – A Beginner’s Guide

July 20, 2023
Learn how to solve your way to victory in this blog on how to play Fit Block Puzzle. These tips and tricks will get you started off on the right foot.
Differences between Chess vs Checkers Blog Thumbnail

Chess vs. Checkers – A Strategic Showdown

July 12, 2023
Dive into the differences between Chess vs Checkers, exploring their unique gameplay and mental challenges in this engaging strategical analysis.
8 Quick Games to Play Blog Thumbnail

8 Quick Games to Play in a Hurry

July 7, 2023
Low on time? Check out these quick games that you can beat within a few minutes. These games are perfect for players who just want some easy fun.
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