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How to Play Suika Watermelon Guide

Griffin Bateson / January 17, 2024
How to Play Suika Watermelon Guide

Load up on Vitamin C with the Suika Watermelon Game, a fun matching game where you are trying to combine fruits until you get a watermelon. The more fruits that you combine, the more points you earn. From the humble blueberry all the way up to the massive watermelon, there are a lot of fruits that you need to make.

Suika Watermelon Game Strategies

The Suika Watermelon Game may have a cute aesthetic, but don’t be fooled. This is an extremely challenging game that takes practice and strategy. Read 5 of our top tips that should help you get off to a good start. 

Know your fruits

Understanding the order of fruits is an important part of a good Suika Watermelon Game strategy. Will that blueberry turn into a strawberry or a banana? And how will that affect the other fruits around it? Considering these small details will end up being a very important part of the Watermelon Game, especially as the map fills up with fruit and space becomes limited.

Luckily, there is a helpful bar on the right-hand side of the screen that gives you an index on the order of fruits. Whenever you are unsure, refer to this graph. It will end up being an important assert later on.

Oranges are the biggest drop

The biggest fruit that you will be given to drop down into the map is the orange. In order from smallest to biggest, you will be given the blueberry, strawberry, banana, and orange. This means that if you need a bigger fruit, like an apple, you will have to combine other fruits in order to get it. Being mindful of which fruits you will be given is crucial.

Use the pushes

At the bottom of the screen, you will see that you are gifted with 5 pushes to the left and 5 to the right. If you have pieces of fruit that need to connect with each other, but they are on other sides of the map, then pushes are a great way to get them closer. Make sure to use them sparingly though, 10 total pushes isn’t a lot. Be smart about how you optimize your resources. The pushes can be one of the most helpful tools in your arsenal. 

Keep big fruits together

Suika Watermelon Game Strategies Blog Gameplay

You will want to keep the larger, more rare fruits near each other. For example, if you have a coconut and a pineapple on the map, it is important that they stay in the same general region. That way, once you get another coconut, it will combine with the other coconut into a pineapple. Of course, this will connect with the already existing pineapple that was right next to it. Next thing you know, you’ve created a watermelon!

Of course, you end up getting two pineapples but they are on other sides of the map, then using the push button is a great option. Remember to keep this backup plan in mind if you ever get stuck.

No need to rush

There is no running clock in the Suika watermelon game, so feel free to take your time throughout the game. Think about how each fruit will affect the layout of the map. It is also important that you take the time to look at which fruit is next, which will better inform you of your decisions going forward. Taking your time and making smart decisions is a key part of any good Suika Watermelon Game strategy.

Now that you know a few watermelon game strategies for this fun matching game, make sure to go and test them out. These 5 tips may seem relatively simple, but they can play a major role in getting a new high score. Give them a chance, and make sure to give the game a rating once you've played a little bit!