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how to play tower tops thumbnail
Learn How to Play Tower Tops & Save the Village
April 5, 2021
The game may seem as simple as grabbing some keys and climbing a few ladders, but there’s a catch! You won’t be able to retrace your steps as you wander through the halls of the tower.  
how to play there is no game thumbnail
How (Not) to Play There is No Game
April 1, 2021
Is there really a game? Read more to find out & learn how to play There is No Game.
how to play parking mania thumbnail
Parking Mania: Learn How To Play
March 31, 2021
Parking Mania is an addictive, exciting game that helps you practice control while maneuvering a sports car into a parking spot. Keep reading to learn all about how to play and some tips and tricks of the game to win your way to a perfect score!
how to play candy jump coolmath games
How to Play Candy Jump: How Far Can You Go?
March 30, 2021
Candy Jump is a game that will test your reflexes and patience. Before you head over and start playing, let's go over a few tips that can help you out.
how to play memoflip
How to Play Memoflip: Train Your Brain to the Beat
March 26, 2021
Memoflip, a game developed by Havana24, combines the fun of a rhythm game with the challenge of a memory tester. In order to be successful, you’ll need a quick reaction time and some pretty good ears.
how to play darts
How to Play Darts: Aim, Score, Subtract
March 25, 2021
Darts combines the traditional aiming game with a timid math segment to help you work on your addition & subtraction. Read on to learn how to play Darts.
how to play IQ ball
How to Play IQ Ball: Fling Your Way To Victory
March 24, 2021
IQBall is one of the most popular games on Coolmath Games. If you’re just starting out playing IQ Ball, you’ve come to the right place!
how to play b-cubed
How to Play B-Cubed: Strategy Guide for New Players
March 22, 2021
B-Cubed is simple in terms of gameplay, but you’ll have to learn how to play before you develop the perfect strategy. Read on to get some tips and tricks to beat each level with ease.
how to play ovo
How to Play OvO: Run, Jump & Slide to the Flag
March 19, 2021
OvO is a platforming game that tests your level of skill and hand-eye coordination. The game may be a bit tricky to master, but we've got you covered!
how to play parking fury 2
How to play Parking Fury 2: Parking Made Simple
March 18, 2021
Parking Fury 2 is a driving simulation game where the goal is simple: park your car. The game may sound simple enough, but it's a lot harder than it looks.
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