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How to Play the Stack Game

Griffin Bateson / April 29, 2024
How to Play the Stack Game

If you are looking for a game that is easy to play, but difficult to master, then the Stack Game is a great title to have in your repertoire. The goal of the game is simple – stack as many blocks as you can to build a giant tower. However, this timing game requires a lot more skill than you might imagine.

How to Play the Stack Game

While the Stack Game may take a lot of skill to play, it is actually quite easy to learn the controls of it. All you have to do is click your mouse to place the next block in the tower. The closer you are to timing the block perfectly, the better the result will be.

If you manage to perfectly place three blocks in a row, you will start receiving points for your precision. These points can be used to unlock different maps such as the Holiday map, the Vintage map, and the Galactic map.

Stack Game Strategies

There are a number of different strategies that you can use to help your game and become a stacking savant. If you are stuck and can't get past a certain score, see if any of these tips could be worked into your game.

Find your flow

One of the most important parts of the Stack Game is finding your flow. This means that you should find a way to block out everything outside of the game and just focus in on the task at hand. Finding your flow can be difficult, but the key is to figure out the proper pace that works for you. Some people prefer to place blocks one after another without taking a break, while others prefer to take their time and precisely place each block. We recommend that you experiment with both strategies and see which one suits your needs better.

Don’t give up

How to Play Stack Game Blog Gameplay

A lot of players have the tendency to just give up their round once their platform starts shrinking by a significant amount. However, it is important to remember that a game is always salvageable. Once you get five perfect placements in a row, your platform will begin to grow. If you go on a crazy run of perfect moves, your platform can grow back at a rapid pace.

Change the map

As you continue to play the Stack Game, you will begin to earn gems. These gems can be used to unlock different backgrounds and platforms that have their own unique aesthetics. While this won't give you any real strategic advantage, it just makes the Stack Game an overall more exciting experience. Variety is the spice of life!

Breaks are helpful

The Stack Game can be a mentally daunting experience. There is so much timing and concentration involved that it can be easy to feel burnout from playing too long. A good way to avoid this is to take breaks every once in a while. Take your eyes off of the screen and walk around a little bit. When you come back after a few minutes, you might feel rejuvenated and ready to break your high score!

So now that you have learned how to play the Stack Game, get out there and test out these 4 strategies. They may take your score from good to great in a matter of minutes.