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How to Play Growmi – A Beginner’s Guide

Griffin Bateson / March 15, 2024
How to Play Growmi – A Beginner’s Guide

One of the newest slithering sensations that we have here at Coolmath Games is Growmi. Growmi is a Snake game where players explore the map and collect stars along the way. Lately, it has become popular on the site because of the challenging puzzles and exciting gameplay. Continue reading to learn how to play Growmi.

How to Play Growmi

The basic controls of Growmi are extremely straightforward. Simply use the arrow keys to move in the direction you want the worm to go to.

Use your elastic body to slither across gaps and scale walls. Be warned though, Growmi can only stretch as far up as its maximum length. You can see how long your worm is by looking at the squares in the right-hand corner. While Growmi only starts out at a length of 3 squares, the worm will continually get longer as you play through the game.

Growmi Strategies

Growmi can be a complicated game at first. However, we have 5 strategies in this blog that will help you learn the ropes of this brain-teasing game.

Grow as you play

As you continue to play the game, you will earn stars and begin to grow longer. This means that if there is a part of the map that you cannot reach yet, it probably means that you haven’t gotten enough stars. If you are ever stuck, make sure that you have retrieved every single star in your area first.

Use the space bar

Early on in the game, you will be met with a new game mechanic – the space bar. Once you press the spacebar, your Growmi will drop down immediately. This is helpful when you want to reach a platform but it is too far below you. Just press the space bar and drop back down into the action!

Take advantage of the magnet

How to Play Growmi Blog Gameplay

Somewhere down the line, you will gain the ability to attract magnets toward you. This can be helpful since many levels require some sort of magnet to attach itself to a button. All you have to do is go on top of a magnet, and your Growmi will take it wherever they go. Just remember that you have to be on top of the magnetic box to attach to it, you can't be below or to the side.

Use the map to teleport

There are tons of rooms in Growmi, oftentimes with similar layouts. Due to this, it can be easy to get lost in all of the confusion. Whenever you're unsure of where you are, we recommend looking at the map that can be accessed in the upper left-hand corner.

If you have no clue where you are, simply click on one of the white boxes with 3 dots. This will teleport you back to one of the main areas of Growmi. This ends up being a big time-saver as you continue to play and the map gets larger.

Create a gameplan

Going into Growmi with a plan for each level is extremely important. It can be difficult to try and complete each level just by guessing what the correct route is. While the earlier stages don't require a lot of planning, the later stages will take some real thought and strategy to complete. This is why you need to ask questions like where you need to go and how you can get there before you even start to attempt the level.

So now that you have learned how to play Growmi and have picked up on a few strategies, go and check it out for yourself! Not only is Growmi a super fun game, but it’s also extremely unique and aesthetically pleasing.