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How to Play Run 2: A Complete Guide

Griffin Bateson / May 9, 2024
How to Play Run 2: A Complete Guide

The popular space platformer game is back! For years, Run 2 had been taken down from our site after the ending of Adobe Flash Player. However, it’s back and better than ever now that it’s been converted using AwayFL, the flash converter that has brought back other games such as the Papa’s Games, Learn to Fly, and Jacksmith.

How to Play Run 2

The controls of Run 2 are pretty standard as far as platformer games go. Just like in Run 1, you must use the arrows to move left and right across the platforms. Use the spacebar to jump and leap over platforms and navigate your way around. You will need to be focused and precise, it is easy to fall off of the platforms.

Run 2 Strategies

There are a few ways that you can become a better Run 2 player in a short amount of time. Read on to learn 4 tips and tricks to take you to that next echelon.

Start slow

There are two different characters that you can choose in Run 2 – The Runner and The Skater. The Skater is one of the newest elements of the run series. This character goes roughly twice as fast as The Runner. Due to this, it is usually a better idea to begin by running, until you get a good feel for the game. The Skater might simply be too fast for you at first.

Once you get comfortable with the pace, challenge yourself with The Skater. It will take a little bit of time to adjust, but it tends to be a more fun character to play. The levels are a little bit more creative and more fast-paced.

Unlock the bonus levels

How to Play Run 2 Blog Gameplay

On every single level, there is a yellow orb that you can try and collect. These orbs seem like silly and arbitrary challenges, but they actually matter a lot. For every five orbs you collect, you earn an extra level at the end of the game. 

There are 25 unique levels for both The Skater and The Runner. This means that if you collect every level’s orb, you unlock 10 bonus levels (5 for The Skater and 5 for The Runner). Each bonus level contains an orb as well, meaning that you can collect another 10 orbs in total and unlock a final bonus level for The Skater and The Runner. In total there are 62 levels in Run 2.

Once you beat every single level available, you will be rewarded with the ability to double jump throughout the game. This is a huge advantage and makes the entire game a breeze. Many have tried to get the double jump power-up, but it's a hard goal to achieve.

Don’t let the losses get you down

Of course, on your way to completing Run 2, there will be a lot of failure. Run 2 is a hard game that has a lot of trials and tribulations involved. The important part is that you don’t let these failures get you down. 

Instead of getting upset, use these mistakes as a learning experience. Think about what you can do better next time. This learner’s mindset will take you a long way in your journey to complete Run 2.

Modify your keys if needed

There is an option on the home screen to change your control keys if you are more familiar with something else. For example, you may prefer the WASD keys instead of the arrow keys. In this case, just go to the home screen and change the command for left to A, change the command for right to D, and change the command for jump to W.

So now that you know some of our Run 2 tips and tricks, get out there and roam through space with this knowledge. See if you can beat all 62 levels and become the champion of this infamous sequel.

Once you've beaten the game, we definitely recommend trying Run 3. This final game of the trilogy comes with more levels, more characters, and more fun overall.