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How to Play Escape the Black and White House

Griffin Bateson / April 17, 2024
How to Play Escape the Black and White House

In the game Escape the Black and White House, you are trapped in a mansion that is filled with mysterious items, and completely void of color. It is up to you to navigate through the house and figure out how to escape. You will need to be clever if you want to make it out quickly.

How to Play Escape the Black and White House

Learning how to play Escape the Black and White House is easy as pie. This is because you don’t need to use the keyboard at all, the only thing you need to use is your cursor. Simply click the arrows on the screen to go from room to room and figure out how to solve the puzzles. 

Strategies to Escape the Black and White House

Understanding how to complete Escape the Black and White House is no small feat. This game has been known to stump players for a while, sometimes even over an hour! Due to this, you might need a few small tips to help you cut down on your time. Not to worry though, we have some straightforward ways to help out beginners.

Get creative

In order to beat this complicated escape game, you will have to be willing to think creatively. It isn’t as straightforward as you might think, even at the very beginning of the game.

Escape the Black and White House Blog Tips

For example, one of the first puzzles that you must solve is figuring out a combo lock in the basement. You will see a box that has the code 8L08 written on it. While this may seem like total gibberish, if you read the code upside down it will give you the four digits 8078. 

Enter this code into the briefcase and you will be given an electric drill that you can use to your advantage. This is just one of the many hurdles that you will face.

Use your items

As you continue going around the house, you will find all kinds of items to use. They can really be anything, from loose doorknobs to a box of matches. Some of them might not seem necessary, every single item will be important down the line at some time or another.

Try to think about how each item could be utilized. For example, if you have an empty cup, you might want to look for a way that you can fill it with something.

Take pictures  

Escape the Black and White House Blog Gameplay

There are a lot of secret codes that you will stumble upon while exploring the house. These codes can be hard to remember. Due to this, it is a big time-saver to just take a picture of the hints that you are given. You can either just use your phone to capture the code, or take a screenshot on whatever device you are using. 

Clear your head

As you try to Escape the Black and White House more and more, your mind can start going a little bit crazy. If you ever hit a wall and can’t find any more solutions, try to take a small break. Do something that isn’t on a screen, like going for a walk or getting a snack. 

After you have cleared your mind for a few minutes, come back to the game and see what happens. Oftentimes, new ideas will pop intoyour head, and you will likely be able to make progress in a way that you had not thought of before your break.

So now that you have learned a few strategies on how to play Escape the Black and White House, get out there and give the game a try! See how quickly you can find the exit and rediscover color.