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How to play Brain for Monster Truck

Griffin Bateson / April 24, 2023
How to play Brain for Monster Truck

Use your problem-solving abilities to deliver the package that is on your truck in Brain for Monster Truck. Make it all the way to the flag without dropping the package, and see if you can pick up all 3 stars along the way. It won't be a cakewalk to do this though, you will need to plan out your route and use critical thinking skills. Read on to learn how to play Brain for Monster Truck.

How to play Brain for Monster Truck

The puzzles can get fairly complicated in Brain for Monster Truck. However, the overall controls are super straightforward. To move, all you have to do is use the arrow keys or use A and D to move forward and backward.

Players must draw a path for the truck to get from one area to another. To do this, simply click and drag to make the path. If you mess up, no worries! Just click on the eraser icon then select the line that you want to be deleted. That’s basically all you need to know to start playing Brain for Monster Truck. However, mastering this puzzle game is a whole lot more complicated than you might think. Read on to learn some strategies that will help you learn how to play Brain for Monster Truck and become a master of this motor vehicle game.

Brain for Monster Truck Strategies

There are 24 levels for players to get through in Brain for Monster Truck. As you progress through each level, the difficulty scale ramps up. At some point, you will end up getting stuck on a level. Not to worry though, you can always go back and check out these 4 strategies and see if any of these tips will help you figure it out. 

Plan out your route

There is no time limit when it comes to Brain for Monster Truck, so take your time and plan out your route. Take a look at what you think the most difficult sections will be and how you will get through them. Don’t worry about how fast you finish the level, what really matters is that you are just able to get through it somehow. So if you are getting stuck, just take a breath and relax before you begin playing again. It may sound silly, but it will help you more than you think.

Use the eraser

Brain for Monster Truck Blog Gameplay

One of the most important tools in the game is the eraser. The eraser is extremely useful when you are trying to zig-zag across the map. Oftentimes, you may struggle to find enough space for all of the lines that you are drawing. In these scenarios, the eraser tool is crucial in Brain for Monster Truck. If you are ever stuck, consider using the eraser to get out of a jam.

Collect all 3 stars

While it is not 100% required that you get every single star in the game, it is highly recommended. When you try and get all 3 stars in Brain for Monster Truck, you are proving to yourself that you can play this logic game at the highest possible level.

Stay controlled

The hard part of Brain for Monster Truck is making sure that you do not tilt over the package that you have to deliver. Make sure that you go slow and steady with your truck, or else you will end up making a critical error. Keep your accelerating and decelerating to a minimum and instead focus on driving as smoothly as you can. It doesn’t matter how long it takes you to get to the end, what matters is that you get there with the package intact.

So now that you have learned how to play Brain for Monster Truck, go and try it out now! With these tips and tricks at your disposal, it should be easy to get off to a strong start and crush at least the first few levels. After that, it is up to you to make it to the end and become a truck-driving expert.