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4 Fun Drawing Games to Try Today

Griffin Bateson / March 10, 2023
4 Fun Drawing Games to Try Today

There are tons of different ways to use your creativity here at Coolmath Games. Whether you want to solve some complicated puzzles in one of our logic games or outmaneuver your opponents in a multiplayer game, there is no shortage of options. Perhaps one of the most interesting ways to use your creativity is by playing one of the drawing games on our site.

What Makes Drawing Games Fun

Drawing games are great because they add an interesting dimension to genres that feel played out at times. Games almost always feel more interactive when players can have a part in drawing some of the components There is rarely just one way to solve puzzles in drawing games, which really opens up the possibilities.

Good Entry-Level Drawing Games

A lot of new players get intimidated by aspects of drawing games. They start asking themselves questions like whether they need to be a great artist to succeed. Not to worry though, it’s not about being a great artist, it’s all about using your imagination to solve problems and get through the games.

With that being said, let’s hop into 4 drawing games that we recommend players start with. These are all games that are very beginner-friendly and tend to be loved by new players.

Draw the Hill

Most people probably don’t associate drawing games with endless runner games. However, this is exactly what Draw the Hill is. It is your job to keep the car going by drawing hills and bumps to get make sure the car does not get stuck. It starts out difficult, but once you start to get comfortable with the pace and strategy of Draw the Hill it gets incredibly fun.

Learn more about this game in our Coolmath Games blog about how to play Draw the Hill. It has some tips to help you start off strong and get a new high score.

Chicken Hike

Drawing Games blog gameplay

This chicken won’t stop going forward until it hits a wall! It is up to you to control this chicken and make it reach the door at the end of the map. Draw a path to aid in the chicken’s hazardous adventure. This game is a fun mashup of drawing and logic that makes the gameplay super unique. If you want a challenge, then Chicken Hike is right up your alley.


Lately, it seems that artificial intelligence has been all the rage. People are using it for science, language, and math. However, Gall-I-1 has been using AI for months to analyze pictures. In Gall-I-1, players are given a picture to draw. Once they have drawn the picture and submitted it, an artificial intelligence program will judge how accurate the drawing is. The better the drawing is, the higher score you will be rewarded with.

Learn some tips and tricks on how to play Gall-I-1 with our Coolmath Games blog. There are some strategies in there to help you become a drawing games expert.

Slam Dunk Brush

When you began to read this blog, you probably didn’t think that we would have a sports game in a blog about drawing games. However, Slam Dunk Brush combines these two genres seamlessly. The game starts out with a basketball getting thrown into the air. It is your job to draw up to three lines that will transport the basketball into the basket. It starts out easy, but the game speeds up after a couple of rounds. It really starts to get hectic when there is more than one basketball thrown into the air at once.

Now that you have learned about some of our favorite drawing games, make sure to go and try them now! They all have their own unique characteristics that make them fun to play, so test out every single one if you have the time. Whether you like sports games or logic games, odds are that there is at least one game from this blog that you will enjoy.