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Tamachi Explosive Adventure – A Strategy Guide

Griffin Bateson / March 6, 2023
Tamachi Explosive Adventure – A Strategy Guide

Are you looking for a game that takes skill, smarts, and puzzle-solving? Well, throw in some explosions and that’s exactly what you have in Tamachi Explosive Adventure. This is a platformer game that adds a unique twist to the very popular genre. Read on to learn how to play Tamachi Explosive Adventure and get some tips along the way.

How to Play Tamachi Explosive Adventure

The controls of Tamachi Explosive Adventure are similar to most platformer games. Simply use the arrow keys or WASD keys to move around the map. The up arrow makes players jump, and the side arrows will make players run back and forth across the map.

The objective of Tamachi Explosive Adventure is to destroy every block in the game before falling. Destroy blocks by stomping down on the TNT that is scattered around the map. Make sure to jump on top of the TNT and not just run into the TNT. If you hit the side of a TNT block, it will reset you back to the beginning of the level.

When a TNT block is set off, it will begin destroying every single block in the string of attached blocks. Jump off of the platform before these disappearing blocks cause you to fall into the lava down below.

Strategies for Tamachi Explosive Adventure

To beat all of Tamachi Explosive Adventure, you will have to make it through 30 levels of explosive chaos. The stages start out simple, but they eventually get awfully complicated. Not to worry though, we have 4 tips and tricks to help you learn some of the basics.

Take Your Time

None of the blocks will begin to disappear until you ignite the TNT. This means that you have a lot of time to figure out your plan of attack (just don't let the timer at the top of the screen get too close to 0). Think of the path that you want to take. Which TNT piece do you want to jump on first? Are there any hard jumps that you have to do? Where are you going to wind up at the end? You should ask yourself these questions before blowing up the first block.

Different TNT Blocks Have Different Abilities

How to play Tamachi Explosive Adventure Gameplay

There are two different kinds of TNT in Tamachi Explosive Adventure. The most common kind is red TNT. This will give you a small bounce, which you can utilize to launch onto nearby platforms. While this doesn’t make a huge difference, there will be times when the bounce is necessary.

On some levels, you will also see yellow TNT. While it has the same explosive effects as red TNT, the bounce is much higher. Launch to platforms across the map using this explosive block. Just be careful – you can definitely travel too far and jump entirely over the area that you are attempting to land on.

Know Which Blocks Will Be Destroyed

Once a TNT block has exploded, the blocks connected to the TNT will begin to vaporize. This means that you can predict when and where the last blocks you will be able to stand on are placed. Take this into consideration when planning out your route.

Be Ready to Adapt

There will be new factors that appear as you continue to play Tamachi Explosive Adventure. Clouds that disappear after you jump off of them, destructive laser beams, exploding satellite dishes, there are new factors at every corner! Just don’t get too comfortable with how the game is going because it can change at any moment.

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So, now that you have learned how to play Tamachi Explosive Adventure, make sure to check out the game page now. Employ all of our strategies to make it through all 30 levels.