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How to Play Papa's Bakeria: A Comprehensive Guide for Beginners

Griffin Bateson / March 14, 2023
How to Play Papa's Bakeria: A Comprehensive Guide for Beginners

Are you ready for another game from the Papa's Series? The Flipline Studios classic, Papa’s Bakeria, has just been reuploaded to our site. While it was taken down a few years ago due to the ending of Adobe Flash Player, it is back and better than ever!

Since it’s been so long since the cooking game was playable, some players may have never played Papa’s Bakeria, or just need a quick refresher. Not to worry, this blog has an entire section on how to play Papa’s Bakeria. From taking orders to delivering the pie to customers, we have got you covered.

How to Play Papa’s Bakeria

There are a lot of steps that players must take in order to serve a good pie to customers and earn a tip. Of course, the first step is to actually take orders from customers. When they get to the counter, simply press the button that says 'Take Order'. The order will take a few seconds to write down, so make sure that you don’t have a pie that is almost finished cooking when you go to take an order. Nobody wants a burned pie!

After that, you will have to pick out a crust and filling for the pies. The fillings can have an assortment of ingredients to choose from. For example, someone might want an entirely pecan-based filling, while another customer may want half apple and half cherry. You must pay close attention to what is on the ticket in order to make a perfect pie.

Finally, put on the toppings and send the pie out to the customers! The faster and more accurately you serve them, the bigger of a tip you will receive. You can use this money to purchase upgrades for the store. 

Papa’s Bakeria Strategies

While Papa’s Bakeria is definitely a fun and silly-looking game, making pies is harder than it looks. As customers begin to pile up, the pressure really builds. There are so many processes to go through that it can get overwhelming in the blink of an eye. Read on to learn some strategies to guide you through Papa’s Bakeria in order to run the best pie shop that you can.

Pay attention to which ring the toppings go

When putting the finishing toppings on the pies, make sure to pay attention to which toppings go where. Oftentimes, customers will request toppings to be put on specific areas of the pies. They may want whipped cream on the outside of the pie and caramel on the middle part of the pie. Maybe they want shaved chocolate on the outside and pistachios on the inside ring. You will have to read the ticket carefully to make sure you get it right.

Play the minigames

How to Play Papa's Bakeria

There is a different minigame every day that corresponds to the day of the week in Papa’s Burgeria. For example, players can play Papa’s Raceway on Tuesdays or Slider Escape on Fridays. These games are a great way to mix up the gameplay in Papa’s Bakeria.

Not only is this a fun way to break up the daily baking grind, but it also serves a strategic purpose as well. Players can earn items in these minigames such as accessories to wear while working, as well as decorations for the store that will please your customers.

Upgrade your bakery

As you progress through the business game, you will earn money for completing orders. You can use this money to upgrade your bakery, which will make it easier to complete orders. Some of the upgrades include better ovens, more toppings, and faster baking times. Upgrading your bakery will also increase your customer's reviews, which will lead to higher tips.

Take your time

Papa’s Bakeria can start to feel very fast once you fall behind. Customers want their orders to be taken, pies need to be decorated, and fillings need to be put in. This can all be a lot if you aren’t having a very fast round. The biggest mistake that new players make when this happens is that they try and rush through every step. However, this will only lead to worse mistakes and set players back even more. Instead, try and take a moment to breathe and calm down. Just try and be smooth at every single step. This will end up helping you a lot more than rushing through every step. Remember – slow is smooth and smooth is fast.

Now that you know these quick tips and strategies on how to play Papa’s Bakeria, go and try it out for yourself now. Serve customers and make big tips to become the best bakery in town.