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How to Play Papa's Cheeseria

Griffin Bateson / March 30, 2023
How to Play Papa's Cheeseria

The grilled cheese-making game is back and better than ever! After years of not being able to play the classic game, Papa’s Cheeseria is back and running smoothly again. Make your customers some delicious grilled cheese sandwiches, give them some sides and a drink, and send the orders out. The faster and more accurately you make the orders, the higher the tips you will earn.

How to Play Papa’s Cheeseria

Learning how to play Papa’s Cheeseria is fairly intuitive. The order of the steps is pretty similar to what you would imagine. First, it starts out by taking customers' orders. While this is a simple step, you do need to be wary of the amount of time it takes. If you have a grilled cheese that needs to be taken off of the grill soon, it is best to wait for it to cook before you take an order. Nobody wants burned grilled cheese!

After the order section is the building section. This is where the most skill is required. Players will need to work quickly yet accurately to create what the customer has asked for. Pick the correct kind of bread, cheese, condiments, and fillings to make the perfect grilled cheese sandwich.

The next section is the grill section. This is the biggest time management section of the game. You must put your grilled cheeses onto the griddles and cook them perfectly. Make sure to flip them over halfway through in order to get proper browning on both sides of the bread.

Finally, the sides station is last. This includes making fries and serving drinks to customers. Make sure to deep fry the potatoes for the correct amount of time and don’t forget the toppings! Papa's Cheeseria customers love all sorts of toppings for their fries, including ketchup, cheese, and bacon.

Papa’s Cheeseria Strategies

With all of the steps that go into making a proper sandwich in Papa’s Cheeseria, it can feel a little bit overwhelming at times. Don’t worry though, we have a few tips and tricks to help you successfully learn how to play Papa’s Cheeseria.

Take Your Time

One of the biggest mistakes that new players make is trying to go too fast. While speed is definitely an important factor, accuracy is even more important when playing Papa’s Cheeseria. If customers aren’t given the right kind of grilled cheese, then you aren’t going to get a good tip no matter what.

Try Out the Mini-Games

How to Play Papa's Cheeseria Blog Gameplay

The mini-games are one of the aspects that really sets Papa’s Cheeseria apart from some of the older Papa’s Games. On each day of the week, there is a different mini-game to play. There are tons of different mini-games such as Pizza Pachinko (shown above), Papa’s Raceway, and Blender Ball. Not only are these mini-games a ton of fun to play, but they also have benefits to help you run the cheeseria. This includes decorations for the store and clothing for you to wear while working at Papa’s Cheeseria.

Upgrade the cheeseria

As you start to get higher wages and bigger tips, you will be able to get the Cheeseria some upgrades. This can include all sorts of things, like a drink machine to satisfy some thirsty customers and equipment to speed up some of the processes. You can also purchase decorations for the store that will make waiting customers more patient as they sit in line. This includes aesthetically pleasing items such as posters, furniture, wallpaper, and new flooring.

Multitask Responsibly

When it comes down to it, Papa’s Cheeseria is a game of multitasking at its core. Whenever you are doing something time-consuming like cooking a grilled cheese, you should be doing other tasks as well. This can be anything, like making more sandwiches, cooking up fries, or taking orders. Just try to always be productive and things will end up working out pretty well.

So now that you know how to play Papa’s Cheeseria, go and check it out for yourself! Experience the satisfaction of making a perfect grilled cheese and getting a huge tip from a customer.