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How to Play Plug the Plug

Griffin Bateson / April 18, 2023
How to Play Plug the Plug

If you are looking for an electrifying twist to the regular placement games, then Plug the Plug is your best choice. The goal of the game is simple – make sure every plug given to you can fit in a socket. Doing this is not as simple as it may seem though, different kinds of plugs have unique characteristics. It is intentionally difficult to make all of them fit at the same time, so players will need to put on their thinking caps if they want to beat every single level.

How to play Plug the Plug

The controls of Plug the Plug are simple enough for anyone to play. To pick up a plug, all you have to do is click on it. Click again if you want to deselect the plug. In order to rotate the plug, players must pick up the plug, and then either press the A key, the D key, or right-click.

That’s all there is to it! Just the trackpad and a few keys are all there is to learn. Now that you know the general controls of the game, let’s talk about how to actually get through Plug the Plug and become the king of the currents.

Plug the Plug Strategy

The concept of Plug the Plug may be simple, but it can be easy to get stuck on a level. Not to worry though, by employing these strategies, you should be able to whizz through the game (although the last few levels are still going to be tricky no matter how good of a strategy you have). Continue reading to learn how to play Plug the Plug.

Think before you act

A lot of the time players start making their first move without even considering where the rest of the plugs will go. Instead of trying to speed through the game and blindly make decisions, players should have a game plan before starting. Think about the different abilities and sizes of each plug and how they will coexist together. While this seems like an obvious step, it is often ignored by newer players when learning how to play Plug the Plug.

Watch out for yellow plugs

Yellow plugs aren’t able to be rotated, so you will have to plan around them. Click on them to see the orientation that they are stuck in. The grey plugs can always be re-oriented, so you will have to worry much less about them. Your primary problem in the game will be finding spots for the yellow plugs, so give them the attention that they deserve.

Start with the biggest plugs first

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Oftentimes, players will get stuck when they aren’t able to find a spot for the bigger plugs. One good way to avoid this is to start with the largest plugs first, then move on to the smaller plugs that are easier to find space for. This strategy of working inward will eliminate your most common problems first, as it is usually very easy to find room for the smaller plugs. 

Don’t be afraid to reset

Sometimes you will start a level and just nothing will go right. The outlets will be scattered all wrong, there won’t be enough room for the big plugs, and everything just seems a little bit off. In these moments, it is better to just cut your losses and reset the level instead of trying to fix all of your electrical mishaps. There is nothing wrong with getting a fresh start. Players won’t even be penalized for resetting, so if things are going poorly then it is oftentimes a good decision.

Now that you know a little bit more about how to play Plug the Plug, start up the fuse box and get playing now! The only way to get better at this puzzle game is to practice. Use the knowledge that you have gained from this article in order to get through every level and become the Sultan of Sparks.