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Mr. Mine – Tips and Tricks to the Mining Game

Griffin Bateson / March 29, 2023
Mr. Mine – Tips and Tricks to the Mining Game

Dig through the tunnels and mine resources in Mr. Mine, the fun and intense mining game. The overall objective of the game is to earn as much revenue as you can by selling your resources while also digging as far down as possible. With so many different decisions to make in this game, it is important to have a strategy guide to help with the beginning of the process. Read on to learn how to play Mr. Mine, as well as a few tips to get you started.

How to Play Mr. Mine

The controls of Mr. Mine are fairly straightforward. There are no keyboard controls, it is just a point-and-click game. Click on minerals to mine them, click on the Sell Center to sell your resources for funds, and click on the green buttons on the left side of the screen to move up and down the mine shafts. Getting the hang of the controls is very easy, and after you play for a few minutes you will get very comfortable with navigating the mines.

Mr. Mine Strategies

While playing Mr. Mine is simple, actually creating a mining system that is efficient and makes a lot of profit can be difficult. Not to worry though, this guide on how to play Mr. Mine is here to help you get started properly. Read on to learn a few tips and tricks for this fun and dynamic mining game.

Value your workers

When the game starts, players are given one miner for each tunnel that they use to harvest resources. Every single time you break into a new level of the cave, there will be one more miner assigned to that level. However, you can hire more miners to work on each story. This is an extremely important part of the game. If you upgrade from 1 miner to 2, then you will double the number of resources being harvested. Make sure to upgrade the number of miners that you have working early and often.

Upgrade your equipment

How to play Mr. Mine Gameplay

One of the key principles of Mr. Mine is upgrading your equipment to become more efficient and mine more resources. You can upgrade almost every single thing, from your drill to the cylinder engines. All of this goes towards mining more valuable resources. Make sure to check out the Craft Center often to see if there is anything that you can improve, whether that is a Craft or a Structure.

Focus on achievements

There are ‘Quests’ that you can try and fulfill that will give you bonus rewards. There are all kinds of Quests that you can complete, such as mining 100 gold ore, talking to a goblin, or digging down to 40 km. All of these will reap rewards that can help you get a boost in production.

Know the market

The trading post is one of the most useful resources that you can use in Mr. Mine. There will be trades that can help you get a leg up on the market. For example, you may be able to trade a little bit of gold for a whole lot of copper that you can sell for more. Make sure to check in with the trading post every day to see if there are any good trades that you can capitalize on.

Games like Mr. Mine

Our specialty here at Coolmath Games is strategy games that keep players stimulated and interested throughout the entire experience. Mr. Mine is just one example of this. If you want a break from Mr. Mine and want to try something similar, read on to learn about a few of our favorite games that have a similar feel to Mr. Mine.

Papa’s Pizzeria

If you are looking for a game full of strategy and optimization, look no further than Papa’s Pizzeria. In this game, players must run every single part of a popular pizzeria. This includes running the register, cooking the pizzas, and adding the toppings. Much like Mr. Mine, players will need to use their time as efficiently as possible in order to succeed.

To learn more about Papa's Pizzeria, as well as the Papa's series in general, check out our complete guide on the Papa's Series.

Idle Breakout

A lot of the most popular titles here at Coolmath Games are idle games. There is something so satisfying about making consistent progress towards a larger goal. Idle Breakout is one of the all-time favorite idle games among fans. Players must break blocks using balls that have different abilities. You can upgrade them using the coins that you earn from destroying blocks. If you want a slightly more destructive version of Mr. Mine, then we highly recommend Idle Breakout.

So now that you know a little more about how to play Mr. Mine, go ahead and check it out! Those mines are just waiting to be dug through.