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Cricket Cup Online – Become a Pro With These 4 Strategies

Griffin Bateson / March 2, 2023
Cricket Cup Online – Become a Pro With These 4 Strategies

Cricket is one of the most popular games in the world, with immense popularity in countries like India, Australia, and South Africa. It was only a matter of time until a cricket game was brought to Coolmath Games. Cricket Cup Online packs a powerful punch full of fun and competitiveness.

With that being said, a lot of people are unsure about the general rules of cricket. Not to worry though, in this blog we will not only go over how to play Cricket Cup Online, but also a few strategies to help you defeat your opponents.

How to Play Cricket Cup Online

The goal of Cricket Cup Online is to outscore your opponent. The further and higher up you hit the cricket ball, the more points you will get. The most points you can get in one swing is 6 points. This is kind of the equivalent of a home run in baseball.

You must stop batting either when your opponent has knocked over all of your wickets or you run out of pitches to hit. Finish the game with more points than your opponent to come out victorious.

While in single-player mode you are only batting against your opponent, there is also a multiplayer version with another part of the game. Instead of strictly batting, you are also pitching against them too. However, pitching is actually referred to as bowling in cricket.

There is a bar that moves left and right when you are bowling the cricket ball. The further left you throw it, the slower the ball is delivered. On the other hand, the further right you go, the faster the ball is thrown.

Cricket Cup Online Strategies

Learning the controls of Cricket Cup Online is no big deal. There are no arrow keys that you have to use or anything like that, all you have to use is your mouse to click. That being said, it is still a pretty challenging timing game. Make sure to read on to check out our tips and tricks to help you become a cricket pro!

Play against strong competition

While it is smart to start out playing single-player, once you have a grasp of the game you should start challenging real-life opponents in multiplayer mode. You will play tougher competition which will only make you better. Instead of going up against predictable bots, you will be playing other people who have likely been playing Cricket Cup Online for at least a few weeks. Challenging yourself is the best way to improve, so make sure to go head-to-head against your peers.

Try and make solid contact

A big mistake that new players make is going for a 6 on every single swing. This will often lead to missing the ball and having one of your wickets get hit. Instead, try and take what the game gives you. Go for solid contact, it’s okay if you only get a few points on a swing.

Be prepared for different speeds

How to Play Cricket Cup Online

A good bowler will often switch up the speeds when delivering the ball. Oftentimes, they will go from delivering a very slow pitch to a very fast pitch to keep you on your toes. This means that you shouldn’t commit to the timing of one pitch. Instead, it is important to stay disciplined and be ready for anything.

On the other side of things, when you are bowling, it is key that you switch up the speeds yourself. Batters will catch on if you are throwing it at the same speed every single time. Make sure to add in some variety to keep the adversary on their toes.

Take a small break between opponents

Playing Cricket Cup Online can be mentally taxing. It is hard to keep focus the entire game. You will need skill, timing, and great coordination. The second that you lose focus, your skill will plummet. This means that you need to make sure that you are mentally with it enough to play your best. Take a break between games and do something to relax your mind. Get a snack, grab some water, or maybe just walk around for a few seconds. Do whatever it is that helps you reset your mind.

Games like Cricket Cup Online

While this is currently the only cricket game here at Coolmath Games, there are quite a few other sports games here that have similar objectives and necessary skill sets. Read on to learn about a few games similar to Cricket Cup Online.

Penalty Kick Online

Penalty Kick Online How to Play Cricket Cup Online

Much like Cricket Cup Online, Penalty Kick Online is all about lining up your shot and hitting the correct spots. You must kick in as many penalty kicks as you can while blocking your opponent's shots. Solve math equations to give yourself extra shots and win the World Cup!

To learn more about this fun and mathematical soccer game, check out our blog on Penalty Kick Online strategies.

Archery World Tour

Archery World Tour How to Play Cricket Cup Online

Aim your bow toward the target and hit the bullseye in Archery World Tour. This is as much of an aiming game as any other game on our site. Much like Cricket Cup Online, patience and concentration are the most important attributes when it comes to succeeding in this game. Learn more about Archery World Tour with our blog on how to play Archery World Tour.

So stop waiting around and try out Cricket Cup Online today! Use our tips and tricks to become the world champion of cricket.