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Adventure Games

Grab your hiking shoes, and get ready for adventure! Whether you're stranded on an abandoned island, climbing a haunted tower, or running amidst the sky, you're likely to get lost in these games for seasoned explorers.

More About Adventure Games

The overall theme of an adventure game is that the user is playing as a character that goes on missions and explores in an interactive story, usually with a plot advanced by solving puzzles along the way. Adventure games can vary in all kinds of ways, from action to mystery, to puzzle-like subsections of the genre. A few of the most popular subsections that we have at Coolmath Games include Quest Games and Multiplayer Adventure Games.

What are Quest Games?

Quest games are games that involve going on missions and exploring maps. Oftentimes they will have mysterious elements to them, and players must get creative to make their way through the quests. Perhaps the most popular quest game at Coolmath Games is Poptropica, and there are many others on this playlist, including Blightborne and Rock Hopper. While all of the games certainly have their differences, they all involve exploring maps and going on missions in order to win the game.

What are Mystery Adventure Games?

Mystery adventure games are games that have a mysterious tone throughout them, and you must go on an adventure to find out what is wrong. It still follows the basic layout of an adventure game, but with a fun and oftentimes spooky twist. Some good examples of mystery adventure games are Temple of the Four Serpents and Tower of the Scorched Sea. In both games, the overall goal is to discover what is going on in the game. Whether it is discovering what takes place in a temple or getting to the top of a temple and finding its mysteries, you are sure to have a fun time playing the mystery adventure games on this playlist.