You are the new Agricultural Director for a growing colony on Mars! Can you build a farm that can withstand the harsh winters and brutal dust storms?

Study the cells under your microscope. Shift and duplicate them to fill up the petri dish.

These asteroids are coming in hot! Take the controls and program your ship to dodge, boost and blast your way to safety.

Mr. Tulip Head will teach you to be a gardening expert. Plant seeds and position your flowers to create the most charming garden the world has ever seen!

Test your coding skills by programming the robot to help it escape! Careful...this robot ALWAYS follows its commands.

Take charge of the situation! Use electromagnetic powers to launch yourself up and over dangerous obstacles.

Blast off into the great unknown! Pilot your space shuttle and hunt for fertile planets. Dodge asteroids and black holes to discover your new home.

Guide the lasers with all sorts of crazy devices. Brighten the night sky with the colorful beams. See if you can illuminate all the targets!

Put your chemistry cap on! Control the powers of molecular attraction and repulsion to solve the challenging puzzles.

Step into the light! Fire up the color cannon and activate the crystal receivers.

Grab your nine iron and head back to space for some crazy galactic golf. Use planetary gravity wells to get a hole in one.

Want to play a round of golf, in outer space? Knock your golf ball through the arch with as few strokes as possible.

A giant monster has attacked your ship! Escape the ship with the help of a monkey who can turn off gravity.

I LOVE this game. Thought it stunk until I figured out what to do. The boxes all make the ball bounce a certain way. Arrange the boxes to make the ball escape.

Draw electric lines to connect all of the nodes and complete the circuit. Don't get the electricity crossed!

Light the light bulb by connecting it to the lightning bolt by dropping the transmitters into the right places. Can you figure out how?

Light the light bulb by connecting it to the lightning bolt by dropping the transmitters into the right places.

Time to do some reflecting! Place the mirrors around the maze so that the sunlight will hit the prism.

The ducks of the Earth have been abducted by aliens and you need to save them. This one takes some thinking and a lot of practice!

Pile explosives under the Pod to successfully launch it into space... How big of a blast do you need to launch the Pod on the Moon? How about on Jupiter?

If you want a good challenge, this one's for you. You have to rotate pieces of this puzzle to connect like colors.