New Skill GamesSee more

There are two sides to every tale! Work together in perfect harmony to reach the exit.

Grab your launcher and get ready to fly! Blow up the spinners and run to the exit as fast as you can.

There's something off about these villagers... Whack them with your tongue to reveal their true nature!

Match the shape before time runs out!

Hop in your ship and conquer gravity!

Bring hot fire to the icy winter!

You can do so much with a simple box!

Hit the slopes and watch out for trees!

Protect your Dino egg at all costs!

Popular Skill GamesSee more

Classic Run... now remastered in 3D!

Hop in your tank and destroy the enemy base.

Drive and park cars as fast as you can!

Get Ball to the basket safely!

Run, jump, slide, and dive into the flag!

Return to your raft to recover your treasure!

Grab your bike and hit the pool!

Up for another challenge?

Play the classic game or the all-new action mode!

Find the wizard.

Eat the apples. How long can you survive?

Pull out your best tricks to stop the evil magician!

Run through the cave!

You're a jumping golf ball... in outer space?

Can you figure out how to parallel park?

Drive the jelly truck to the end of each level.

Aim well and become a ninja master.

Breathe fire and smash towers!

This rock is ready to roll! Gain momentum and jump.

Platforming GamesSee more

Save your pineapple from evil Big Square!

Grab your magic axe and free the captives!

Charge yourself up with electromagnetic power!

Use your trusty gravity cannon to escape the lab.

Split your focus and control two characters!

Aiming GamesSee more

Hit the bullseye and score a perfect 10!

Bring your best golf swing to this crazy neon course!

Avoid the obstacles, shoot and score!

Bullseye! Aim your grabber to reach the target.

Hop in your raft and defend your treasure.

Make it to the net in this ball-blasting sequel!

Timing GamesSee more

Run through the obstacles to get to the burger!

Intense wall-jumping fun in a 3D obstacle course!

A great sequel to The World's Hardest Game.

Slam the brakes! Don't let the cars collide.

Hit the road. Just don't fall off!

Reclaim your emeralds from the evil dragon's lair.

Hard Control GamesSee more

Use the magnetic tractor to load crates into the truck.

Swing your way through 30 challenging courses.

Control the ramps and build momentum!

This rock is ready to roll! Gain momentum and jump.

How do you even steer this thing?

Pilot your spacecraft around the obstacles!

Time Management GamesSee more

Grab your scoop and serve up cookie sundaes!

Become a master sushi chef!

Help Papa Louie run his grilled cheese shop.

Like the Papa's games? Craft swords and shields!

Follow the recipe and bake delicious Papa's pies.

Papa Louie wants you to run his Donuteria!

One-Button GamesSee more

Up, up, up! This tower is full of treasures and danger!

Soar above the clouds. And try not to crash into them!

Figure out how to get through the obstacles.

You can do one thing: click to make Beavus jump.

Hurdle your way to the finish line!

Zoom from line to line and grab the coins!

Adventure GamesSee more

Perform brave feats to escape the dungeon!

Craft the tools you need to survive!

Dive into the caves and find the lost treasures!

Soar through the clouds.

Power up your cube!

Can you solve the mysteries that lie within?

World-Turning GamesSee more

Can you solve the mystery in the secret lab?

Deliver the lost letter in outer space!

Bend your mind to solve this 3-D maze.

Get all of the sand into the bucket.

Help a ninja walk his path.

Flip gravity to get in the hole!

Stacking GamesSee more

Use a giant magnet to grab and load the cargo.

A great stacking game!

A great building game.

Load critters onto the truck and bring them home safely!

Use the magnetic tractor to load crates into the truck.

Stack the shapes, and watch out for the wind!